Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Kelly Pages: A Recipe for Romance

Here's a tasty tidbit from Orange Coast magazine (3/86). Various Orange County notables including Jack Kelly (then a Huntington Beach city councilman) were asked to describe their ideal romantic dinner. JK's answer is delectably different:

"Kelly's dinner fantasy commences in 'any apartment, home or condo in which I reside.' His idea of romantic atmosphere is somewhere '...between kitchen and den, some candlelight, soft string jazz, the fireplace ablaze....'.

"A California Korbel Brut, Chandon, or 'the good Dom's concoction, Perignon,' should be served with an hors d'oeuvre of 'cavier, finely minced hard egg, onions and sour cream, individually heaped on crust-trimmed diagonals of dry toast, with fresh lemon wedges.'

"The first course is to be 'a tad of fettucine Alfredo followed, in time, by a demi-salad of crabmeat with avocado strips, gently tossed in gourmet-seasoned rice vinegar and champagne.'

"The humble connoisseur deems a main course unsuitable--he states that, '...An entree in this ambiance I would consider somewhat less than tres chic. Yogurt, selections of fresh fruit, cheese and dampened Armenian cracker bread are the eclectic dessert selection. Black coffee, laced with a twist of lemon peel, and various liquer options are for lingering over,' Kelly explains, ' firelight only--to encumber her vision.' Viewing old Maverick tapes is the evening's finale, he decides, shown to 'remind my wife how 'macho' I was.'"

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Jack Kelly on Ebay

Jack Kelly has quite a presence on eBay. There are usually dozens of JK photos, magazines, autographs and DVDs up for bid each day.

This has to be the most unusual Kelly-related
item I've seen on eBay yet. It's good to see that someone has finally corrected Hartland's omission--I guess I'll have to save up my pennies for this one. ;->

UPDATE (7/16/09) - This item sold with "Buy it Now/Best Offer" for $125. Oh well, maybe they'll make another one someday. ;->