Thursday, January 17, 2019

Oh Snap! :)


Here's a provocative pic of Jack Kelly and Valerie Jackson from a 1953 issue of Picturegoer, the long-defunct British film magazine:

The text says, "Jack Kelly--he's to be seen in It Happens Every Thursday, one of next week's releases--finds Valerie Jackson's frontier-style garter packs an extra loud snap in Law And Order, due here soon."

Actually, JK wasn't seen in It Happens Every Thursday--he broke his leg in a skiing accident shortly before filming began and was replaced by another actor. However, he is definitely in Law And Order. 

I have an original still of the image above, so we can get a better look at JK as "Jed" as he gazes upon Ms. Jackson as saloon girl "Clarissa":

That's a posed promo still--this scene doesn't actually appear in the film. Clarissa can be glimpsed in the background as a drunken Jed helps to shoot up the saloon's fancy chandelier (JK is directly in front of the bartender below), and that's about the closest they come to being seen together:

The secret significance of Clarissa's garter is revealed when, like everyone else in town, she must surrender her gun for the sake of, yep, law and order:

Law And Order isn't can it be when it features not only JK but a real-life President (Ronald Reagan), "Chester"/"McCloud" (Dennis Weaver), "The Professor" (Russell Johnson), plus the ever popular Chubby Johnson? I'll definitely have to take a more in-depth look at it in the future here in TDS.

In the meantime, please stay tuned for more fun with JK! :)