Sunday, September 2, 2012

Of Cats, Dogs, Horses...and Kellys :)


Yesterday, my sister lost her beloved 15 year-old cat, Tiger, to cancer. Tiger's passing reminded me of how much pets enrich and enliven our lives. I have a dog and cat of my own. Their antics always make me smile (except when the antics involve mud on the carpet or shredded furniture. ;->)

Jack Kelly and his first wife May Wynn owned a pet poodle named "Hickey". His handle came from May's real name, which was Donna Lee Hickey. 

Hickey had an unusual hobby. The caption for this sweet 1959 photo explains:

"The Jack Kelly Poodle, 'Hickey', Gets the Best Seat in The House - The cute little pup particularly enjoys watching horses, an unusual pastime for a pooch nowadays. He manages by having Mrs. Kelly (May Wynn) take him to watch Jack at work on the Maverick TV series at Warner Brothers. Upstaging both of his professional 'parents', Hickey has spotted a horse. This studio visit is part of the Kelly's 'Be Kind to Animals Week' contribution in honor of the week, May 3-9."

[I wonder if Hickey spotted Goldie?]

Be Kind to Animals Week is still observed today. Of course, we should be kind to animals every day. Let's all give our "fur babies" an extra treat and hug today, in memory of those who have crossed the Rainbow Bridge.