Monday, February 4, 2019


Julie Adams has passed away at age 92 after an acting career which spanned over 60 years. She starred with Jack Kelly in the Maverick episodes "Brasada Spur" and "The White Widow", the 1957 Lux Video Theatre production of "Just Across The Street", and the 1953 feature film The Stand At Apache River (in which she was billed as "Julia Adams"). Rest in peace, Ms. Adams.

An original promo photo from the Kellection for the "Brasada Spur" episode of Maverick, with color tint added by La Bartista. Dated 2/20/1959, the episode info on the reverse of the photo reads: "ROMANTIC INTERLUDE--Jack Kelly, as Bart Maverick, the deft dealer of the pasteboards, finds that his lovely business partner, Julie Adams, portraying Belle Morgan, seems to have fallen in love with him, which further complicates their dealings. A scene in 'Brasada Spur', episode in Warner Bros.' Maverick series for ABC-TV network, Sunday, February 22."  

Another original promo photo from the Kellection, with the following episode info: "Jack Kelly (Bart) and Julie Adams in a suspenseful moment from 'The White Widow', the Maverick story for January 24 [1960], at 7:30 p.m., over ABC-TV."

A tense quartet in The Stand At Apache River. The snipe on the back of this vintage still reads: "Col. Morsby (HUGH MARLOWE), Hatcher (JACK KELLY), Valerie Kendrick (JULIA ADAMS) and Sheriff Lane Dakota (STEPHAN McNALLY) face attack by Apache braves in this scene from Universal-International's The Stand At Apache River."