Saturday, August 6, 2011

Top of the Mornin' To You! :)

Wake up everyone--time to get out of bed!

Because here's a pic of Jack Kelly

With a dove on his head:

(That's JK with Ann Blyth in Sally and Saint Anne.)


Sunday, July 31, 2011

"A Most Unusual Guy" :) Part I

Hello All!

It's been a while since I featured a magazine article here. So, I thought I'd share this klassic 1959 Jack Kelly story from the Kellection, which kontains some of the most kaptivating pix I've ever seen of JK:


by Mae* Wynn Kelly
(*that's how they spelled it throughout the story)

'A most unusual guy' is the way Mae describes the man she eloped with three years ago--and then married again.

How should I have known my husband didn't like to be called 'Kelly'! That's what I called him from the time we first met. I don't know why. He just looked liked Kelly to me.

His true feelings came to light about a year after we were introduced, when a fellow walked over, slapped him on the back, and shouted, 'What's new, Kelly?'

He turned around and snapped back, 'The name's Jack!'

'Sorry', the other fellow apologized. 'Didn't mean any harm.'

When we were alone again, I turned to him in surprise. 'Does it really bother you being called Kelly?'

'Not the way you say it,' he insisted.

'Then you won't mind if I keep calling you Kelly?'

'I insist you do,' he smiled.

Caption: "Gun holster he wears as Bart Maverick is exhibited by Jack. The only person he allows to call him 'Kelly' is his wife, Mae"

But that was about the only peculiarity I discovered in my husband during the six years we've know one another and the three years since we eloped to Quartzsite, Arizona, back in October of 1956. He is the best adjusted human being I have ever met, without neuroses, complexes or even a tendency to worry about the one subject every actor is concerned about--his career.

One day a friend commented on the many TV stars who seem unhappy with their series, about being typecast, about wanting more money. When he was through he turned to Kelly. With more than curiosity in his voice, he wanted to know why Kelly never complained about anything.

'I do the best job I can and leave the rest to the studio,' Kelly grinned. 'Complaining and worrying never gave anyone anything but ulcers.'

Without this type of reasoning on his part, I wouldn't be Mrs. Jack Kelly today..."

Caption: "Ship model captivates Jack. '
Complaining and worrying never gave anyone
anything but an ulcer,'
is his easy philosophy."