Saturday, April 7, 2018

Sure As Shootin'.... (4/7/2018) is the 90th anniversary of the birth of James Garner. To celebrate, here's a wonderful still of JG and Jack Kelly clowning as "Bret" and "Bart". And, look closely: this still is  autographed by Mr. G.

Flash-forward to 1982. JK and JG are shootin' the breeze on the set of Bret Maverick:

"HOLLYWOOD: Bret and Bart Maverick (James Garner - R- and Jack Kelly) reminisce about the original Maverick on the set of NBC-TV's new Bret Maverick currently being filmed at Warner Bros on the Burbank lot. Kelly is doing a cameo guest-star reprise of his Bart Maverick role in 'The Hidalgo Thing' segment scheduled for May 4. Garner and Kelly starred in the original Maverick which aired from 1957 to 1962. (UPI)."
Please stay tuned for more fun with JK (and maybe even JG) in TDS. :)