Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Kelly Pages: Ladies Love Mavericks

As promised, here's an excerpt from the 1960 article re: Jack Kelly and Roger Moore on Maverick. It was written by Cecil Smith and it's mostly in the form of a candid conversation in which old hand JK tries to teach newbie Moore (who was just joining the series as "Cousin Beau") what it means to be a Maverick:

"JK: 'To begin with, Beau is rather the white sheep of the Mavericks. He was born in Texas, but [lived] in England. He was a hero in the Civil War and there's nothing a Maverick abhors like heroism or bravery.'

RM: 'I rather think if Maverick turned up today, he'd be rather like Francis Powers.'

JK: 'No, Powers hasn't the guts Maverick has.'

RM: 'But, is it guts, really?'

JK: 'It's the manifestation of guts. It's ingenuity. It's sophistication. And it's intestinal fortitude...Beau, despite being a white sheep, was fortunate enough to have been born a Maverick. So, some of the real Maverick point of view rubs off.'

RM: 'Jack, see that girl at the end of the bar--isn't that lovely?'

JK: 'See what I mean? That's a Maverick remark. But a Maverick would go up and meet her, introduce himself. See Maverick is wishful thinking. Maverick does what every man wants to do--but because of conventions or timidity or public opinion won't'.

RM: 'I see Maverick as a sort of modern Robin Hood.'

JK: 'Not exactly. Maverick would be more inclined to steal from the poor and give to the rich.'

RM: 'I see--he's rather altruistic in reverse.'

JK: 'Exactly. He doesn't attack conventions. He ignores them. He symbolizes man's wishful thinking.'

RM: 'I'd hate to be like Maverick. My wife would kill me.'

JK: 'No she would not. There's a perverse side of a woman that loves a Maverick.' [B27: !!!!]

RM: '...I suppose there are parts of Maverick in me. In every man. That's what you draw on in interpreting the role.'

JK: 'Now, to meet that girl...'

[B27: Moore chats up the girl, but returns with a man!]

RM: 'Say, you know that lass at the bar, the attractive one. I'd like you to meet her husband.'

JK (holding his head): 'Oh no, he'll never make a Maverick!'"

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Kelly Pages: Draw!

I found this drawing of Bart Maverick in a 1960 newspaper TV section. It's a detail from an ad for Maverick's fourth season opener, "Bundle From Britain", which introduced Roger Moore as Bart's British-accented cousin, Beau Maverick. (And, doesn't that kind of look like Miss Kitty glancing over Bart's shoulder?)

The TV section also includes an interesting interview with JK and Moore. I'll share it here soon.