Friday, March 11, 2016

How About A Nice Belt?

A Maverick belt, that is! :)

Made of "top-grain cowhide", this classic belt would have been a must-have accessory for the mini Maverick back in the day. 

Just look at the buckle:
The tooling on the leather is just as impressive:
When I attended the now sadly defunct Gene Autry Days festival a few years ago, one of the vendors showed me a Maverick holster set he'd just bought. It was etched with Bret Maverick's portrait. Well, this belt has portraits of Bret and Bart:

Not the greatest likeness of Bart, but, hey, at least he's on the belt:

This belt even has a pouch which would be handy for stashing things like, oh, a thousand-dollar bill (darn--it's empty):

The belt was crafted in San Francisco by the Keyston Brothers company, which has been around since the days of the real Old West:

I'd love to wear this belt. Alas, however, it was designed for pint-sized buckaroos. Oh well, I'm happy just to have it in the Kellection! :)

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