Sunday, March 7, 2010

Paging Dr. K....

Hello All,

Yesterday was a beautiful, sunny day here. The temperature went up into the 40's and while I was driving in my car, I popped open the sunroof just for fun.

I had lunch, got some housework done, and was even able to take my dog for a walk for the first time in weeks (the sidewalks were about 99% clear of snow).

Yes, it was a great day, until about 8:00 pm. That was when my cat, who is usually very docile and sweet, started acting up. She'd been looking out the window and suddenly jumped down and began running all over the room. Then, she jumped back in the window, thumping her tail. Something outside obviously had her spooked. I glanced out the window to see what it was.

BIG mistake...

My kitty, in her agitated state, didn't appreciate my intrusion and swatted me in the mouth.

With her claws out.

My mouth quickly filled with something warm and raw, which ran out when I screamed in pain. Not to get too graphic, but that swat from my little pussycat pugilist resulted in a trip to the emergency room, a tetanus shot, six stitches on my upper lip, and a very swollen lower lip. My mouth looks like I went a few rounds with Mike Tyson rather than one round with a tabby cat.

I was prescribed antibiotics and assured that once the swelling goes down, everything should heal nicely.

Now, there's really not much funny about all this. I'm probably going to have to drink my meals and miss work for at least the next couple of days. But, you'll never guess who treated me in the emergency room:

Dr. Kelly.

No, not Jack Kelly, although I was hoping that would be his first name so this story would have an incredible twist ending. As it was, though, I got to talking (well, mumbling) with the doc and told him that one of my favorite actors was named Jack Kelly. I mentioned Maverick, but Dr. Kelly looked to be only about 25 and he replied, "That must have been a little before my time". Yeah, it was a little before my time, too, but suddenly I felt like I was about 100 years old.

I'm doing okay today. I'm just very thankful that my injuries weren't more severe and that only my mouth (and not my eyes and nose) was involved. I'm resting in bed. Fortunately, I have a nifty little netbook that I can use to blog and catch up on my other computing when I'm not napping.

And, yes, I did forgive my kitty, who is back to her usual placid self. However, the declaw discussion will be on the agenda during her next visit to the vet...