Friday, October 2, 2009

Jack Kelly - "Happy Friday!"


At the place where I work, there's a "Happy Friday" tradition:

  • The guy who works behind the counter in the cafeteria wishes everyone "Happy Friday!"
  • The lady grabbing a cup of coffee in the break room wishes me "Happy Friday!"
  • The managers heading back from a meeting wish each other "Happy Friday!" as they depart the elevator.

Now, how and when this friendly tradition started, I don't know. And, I have yet to hear anyone wish me "Happy Monday!"

Well, however, whenever--whatever! I'm wishing you "Happy Friday!" with this smokin' hot pic of Jack Kelly. :->

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Maverick Report - "The Jeweled Gun"

Howdy! The first Maverick being shown tomorrow evening on Encore Westerns is one of my favorite episodes, "The Jeweled Gun". Here's a publicity pic showing guest star Kathleen Crowley getting the drop on poor Bart, who's been posing as her husband. Will he escape her treacherous scheming? Tune in tomorrow! :)