Tuesday, February 14, 2017

A Valentine's Day Question :)

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!

Last summer, I posted a look at Jack Kelly from a Brazilian movie magazine called Cinelandia. I just added another issue of Cinelandia to the Kellection. This issue not only contains some wonderful pix of JK inside the magazine, but features him on the Valentine-red cover as well (along with Robert Colbert as brother Brent):

The banner just above Bart and Brent reads (roughly translated from Portuguese): "Cinelandia Asks: Should Cowboy Heroes Get Married?" Apparently, the question was prompted by a story arc on Bonanza which almost had Adam Cartwright (Pernell Roberts) marrying a widow with a young daughter. Their wedding never happened, supposedly because Bonanza's female fans demanded that Adam remain single.

The cover article begins (again, roughly translated):

"The good guys from the 'Far West' are the only men in the world who need the approval of thousands of people to go to the altar. Marriage may be the aim of many of them, but the 'yes' depends on the TV viewers. Should the cowboys settle down to family life? Or should they keep chasing bandits? This depends on you and Cinelandia wants to know your opinion."

On the cover, bachelor Bart's opinion of marriage seems to be "No thanks". But, inside the magazine, he enthusiastically aims some affection in the direction of pretty Karen Steele, while brother Bret (James Garner) seems to second that emotion. Ms. Steele guest-starred on two episodes of Maverick (with JK in the episode "You Can't Beat The Percentage" and with JG in "Point Blank") and was later linked romantically to JK in real-life following his 1964 divorce from wife Donna (May Wynn) Kelly.

Below, Bart and Bret are barely visible behind a bevy of potential brides:

Actually, these are some of the many actresses who co-starred opposite JK and JG in Maverick. The photo is a bit grainy, but some of the ladies I recognize are Ruta Lee, Patricia Crowley, Adele Mara, Joi Lansing, Ms. Steele, Marie Windsor, and Arlene Howell. This gathering of glamor gals appears to be from the same shoot as this photo.

Well, Bart Maverick may have escaped matrimony, but he still captures our hearts. :)

Clipart courtesy of Shannon Hatfield