Friday, September 16, 2016

A Birthday At the Races! :)

"Let's see now--the winner of the last race was MANY HAPPY RETURNS, the favorite in this race is CARROT CAKE, and IT'S MY BIRTHDAY is now at the starting line!"
 "Oh Jack, I don't see any horses with those names! Are you trying to tell me something?"
 "Uh, 'It's My Birthday'?"
 "(Wait a minute...Carrot Cake...Birthday...)
I got it: It's Goldie's birthday!"
"Well, you're warm..."
"You're darn right--I'm roasting in this
heavy costume!"
"Oh, never mind."
"Don't worry, Jack! I remembered your birthday and there's a freshly-baked carrot cake waiting for you at the barn. Wow! My cousin just won the race! Way to go, Silver!"
"I thought it was 'Hi-Yo, Silver!'"
"Hey, that's my line!"