Friday, April 15, 2016

Lights! Camera! Grimace! :)

Happy Friday Everyone!

Three marvelous movie posters recently joined the Kellection. Although they all show Jack Kelly (of course!), are from the 1950's, and two of them are foreign, the trio also has something else in common: the expression on JK's face. Let's call it "Variations on A Grimace".

First, there's this moody Belgian poster for The Night Holds Terror (1955). JK grimaces in anger and fear as he's abducted by three hoods:

Next, we have a French poster for Julie (1956), starring Doris Day. JK (at lower right) grimaces in pain as he's shot by Julie's psychotic husband, a.k.a. "Le diabolique Monsieur Benton" (played by Monsieur Louis Jourdan):

Finally, I've saved the best for last. JK flashes an evil grimace--twice!--on this incredible (and huge) poster for 1955's Double Jeopardy:

You won't find his name on the poster, but JK is pictured more prominently than the film's nominal star, Rod Cameron! I've seen different versions of this poster and most are illustrated with drawings. I like this version the best because it uses photographic illustrations of JK. I think it's my favorite poster in the Kellection so far. :)

I hope JK's grimaces have brought a smile to your face. Stay tuned for more of the expressive Mr. Kelly! :)