Saturday, August 29, 2015

Breaking News: "Young Billy Young" Coming to Blu-Ray in September!

Young Billy Young, the 1969 western where Jack Kelly plays a slick villain, is being released on Blu-ray on September 29. It can be pre-ordered from Amazon for only $15.49 (shipping is free on orders over $35).

JK's character, "John Behan", is like Bart Maverick's evil twin. He beats up poor Angie Dickinson and then gets his clock cleaned by Robert Mitchum. It's a different kind of role for JK, but he does very well with it.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Honk Honk Affair :)

Hello All!

Now, here's something you don't see every day:

Not only is this a still from Jack Kelly's 1958 starrer Hong Kong Affair, which is rather rare in itself, but it's a still showing the movie being filmed on location!

I love the car (honk honk!) in the foreground. I think it's a 1953-'55 Triumph TR-2

I've shared other publicity material in the Kellection from Honk Honk--I mean Hong Kong--Affair in previous TDS posts. There's much more to see, however, so let's take a tour, shall we?

Here's a color lobby card view of the fight scene being filmed above (note the car behind JK). JK's opponent is giving him a right hook (I hope he used Right Guard, too!)  

I've never seen Hong Kong Affair--has anybody?--but JK apparently does lots of fighting in the flick, judging from the stills and lobby cards (that's his real-life wife May Wynn/Donna Kelly as a character named "Chu Lan"):

Here he is getting roughed up on the cover of one of the two German programmes I have:

Fortunately, it looks like he breaks free:

Now, if he can only remember where he parked the car...

In Hong Kong Affair, JK plays "Steve Whelan", the part-owner of a mysteriously failing tea plantation. Steve suspects something is amiss with the oolong. Chu Lan looks on as he inspects the product:

(I'm curious about the hues on the lobby cards. Were color images used, or were the black-and-white images tinted/colorized?)

JK does some other stuff which I haven't quite figured out yet, like:

Another head scratcher: what is he showing to her here?

It doesn't make any more sense in color. (A blue lobster? A paper mache octopus?) Whatever it is, she doesn't look too impressed.

She seems more interested in JK (and who wouldn't be):

  And, that concludes our tour of Hong Kong Affair for now. :)