Thursday, September 29, 2016

"Sale" Away With Jack Kelly! :)


On September 29, 1969, a new quiz show premiered on the NBC television network. Titled Sale of the Century, its ebullient emcee was none other than Jack Kelly.

An actual admission ticket for Sale of the Century
A typical publicity blurb for the show read: "Jack Kelly (remembered as TV's Bart Maverick), is the star and host of NBC Television Network's new daytime game show, Sale of the Century, which tests the general knowledge, reflexes and shopping savvy of three contestants each day." The game "...was designed for every housewife who has ever succumbed to the temptation to pick up an irresistible 'bargain'."
I'm sure we've all seen the many Sale promo photos (like this one) of JK hamming it up with grocery items:
This 1969 photo was inexplicably used to illustrate
 a 2015 article about investing on the Financial Times website!
Well, here's a pic of our favorite quizmaster actually hosting the show:
Items up for "Sale" include
a Hoover vacuum cleaner, Samsonite luggage...and a mynah bird!?

MORE ABOUT Sale of the Century NEXT TIME! :)