Saturday, May 19, 2018

Slidin' Into Saturday :)


A real Jack Kelly rarity just joined the Kellection:

It's an original promo slide for "Time of Flight", a 1966 segment of Bob Hope Presents The Chrysler Theatre.

It's not the usual type of slide, either. It's actually a transparency enclosed between two pieces of glass which are sealed in a plastic frame. It was used in a "filmchain" set-up. The filmchain usually incorporated a slide projector, which is how TV stations aired images such as this one as well as station logos and test patterns back in the day. The filmchain captured the image from the slide, turned it into an electronic signal and then converted it back into a picture which was broadcast over the air. Today, most filmchains have been replaced by the telecine process.

"Hope"fully (pun intended) I'll get to see "Time of Flight" some day. For now, though, I'm glad just to see this beautiful slide, which is still in pristine condition after 52 years.

What other rarities from the Kellection are coming up in TDS? Please stay tuned to find out! :)

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Happy Mother's Day...

The Kelly Kids!
 Nancy, Clement, Karolee
.... and JACK! :)