Saturday, August 29, 2009

Breakfast With Jack Kelly!

I was going to try to post a photo feature about Jack Kelly here today. I saved it as an easy-to-read PDF file and was all ready to upload it--only to find that Blogger doesn't "do" PDF files. Oh, well, back to the old scanner. I'll try to upload it as a JPG file.

Anyway, enough about PDFs and JPGs. We're here to talk about JK. So, here is a Quaker Oat Squares commercial I found featuring his voice. By the way, Jack Kelly stated in a 1988 Los Angeles Times article that he thought his voice had a "
Max Von Sydow" quality, especially in these Quaker ads. The same article revealed that JK could potentially earn $100,000 per advertising voiceover session, which might last less than 30 minutes (hey, that's a pretty good payday!)

JK also said that another reason he enjoyed doing voiceover work is because "It's a niche where age and beauty have no importance."

Incidentally, when I was very little, I was scared to death of the Quaker Oats guy! Don't know why, but I used to run from the room whenever he appeared on TV. (Him, and Alfred Hitchcock.) Thankfully, I overcame my childhood fear. (Otherwise, I would have freaked out when I was posting JK's ads here!) In fact, I have oatmeal for breakfast almost every morning now. :)

And, speaking of breakfast--I got up early today to watch Bret Maverick on the Westerns Channel, because I knew Jack Kelly was going to be in this morning's
episode. Actually, I could have slept almost another hour, because JK didn't show up until the very end--and I mean the very end--and the events leading up to his appearance were only mildly amusing.

I remember watching Bret Maverick when it originally aired. However, I didn't remember how mediocre it was. James Garner is dressed as Bret Maverick, but he's more or less playing Jim Rockford. The plot involves the kind of elaborate swindle that the Mavericks often perpetuated in the original series. However, this is no Shady Deal at Sunny Acres. Here, Bret Maverick isn't a laid-back gambler trying to retrieve his stolen money. He's more like a greedy con-man running a scam simply to get someone else's dough.

When Jack Kelly finally shows up, he looks somewhat more like "Uncle Bentley" in Pappy than Bart. Which isn't surprising, as nearly 20 years had passed since the last episode of the original Maverick aired. However, he's still good-looking and the Kelly charm is still very much in evidence. Too bad we only get to see it for about 30 seconds, in what amounts to little more than the punchline to a 50-minute joke.
"The Hidalgo Thing" turned out to be the final episode of Bret Maverick. I've read that Jack Kelly was offered the chance to reprise his role as Bart if a second season occurred, but since the series was canceled, this was not to be. It's just as well--JK deserved to be seen in something better than this anemic retread of a true television classic.
I must admit, though, Bret Maverick did have a great theme song, performed by one my favorite singer/songwriters, Ed Bruce (who was also a regular on the show):

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Kelly Pages: Don't Fret

I was going through some of my vintage movie magazines with pix of Jack Kelly. Here's one of my favorites (please excuse the clarity, these old mags sometimes don't scan so well). I love the dreamy expression on JK's face as he makes like Segovia, or perhaps like Willie Nelson (note the scarring on the body of the guitar):

Next time, I'm going to try to post an entire JK picture feature I found. :)

Monday, August 24, 2009

Jack Kelly Keeps You in Suspense!

Now, here's a real treat for your ears. Nearly a year before first appearing as Bart Maverick, Jack Kelly was heard as "Christopher Warner," a young man with a deadly traveling companion in "A Shipment of Mute Fate," an episode of the hair-raising radio series Suspense. This episode can be downloaded in MP3 format from the informative and entertaining "Escape and Suspense!" blog. (The link to JK's episode is below the last paragraph of the main text.) Trust me--the ending will give you goosebumps! :0

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Jack Kelly: An Irresistible Special

Fritzankotter's Sandwich Factory, in Huntington Beach, CA, has a sandwich called the "Jack Kelly" listed on a section of their menu titled "Irresistible Specials". The Jack Kelly consists of a quarter-pound of roast beef, jack cheese, Ortega chilies, pickles, lettuce and tomato, on sourdough bread. It costs $5.25. An online reviewer gave a thumbs up to the JK. :)