Sunday, August 26, 2018

A Maverick in the Queen City :)


A wonderful book recently joined the Kellection. Titled The Trouble Is Not In Your Set, it examines early television history in general and the TV scene in Cincinnati, OH, in particular. What makes it especially interesting is this fantastic photo of Jack Kelly--and Jack Kelly:

The caption reads "JACK KELLY AND JACK KELLY! -  The one on the left played James Garner's brother in the western TV series Maverick. Bret and Bart! And the one on the right is the former WCPO producer-director who drew a bead on TV shows for WCPO including the Maverick series..."

The photo isn't dated, but the feather on JK's hat is a clue as to when it was taken. This October 1958 story from the Cincinnati Post explains the significance of the feather and shows JK wearing the same vest:

"Brother Bart Maverick--Jack Kelly--rode into town on one of those new-fangled airplanes last night, with a red feather on his Western hat and his beautiful wife, actress May Wynn, on his arm," the article begins.

"The red feather was in honor of the United Appeal fund drive which Kelly is in town to boost and Mrs. Kelly was there because she always goes along on her husband's personal appearance tours..."

JK also visited the Convalescent Hospital for Children, a United Appeal agency, during his stop in Cincinnati:

"Fast draw" contests at children's hospitals were actually a recurring part of the Maverick's United Appeal tour:

The United Appeal is generally known as the United Way today. And, the Terrace Hilton, where JK is shown dealing a "winning hand" is still in existence, but just barely. Once one of Cincinnati's poshest hotels, the Terrace is now a long-derelict structure whose future--like its famed Gourmet Room Restaurant--is up in the air.

And, if you recall from a previous TDS post, Maverick aired on WCPO until 1961, when station WKRC became the ABC affiliate in Cincinnati.

Finally, The Trouble Is Not in Your Set was authored by Mary Ann Kelly. No relation to JK, though, whose mother was named Ann Mary Kelly!

Stay tuned for more about JK and the Queen City, coming soon in TDS!