Friday, October 9, 2015

Hot Dog, It's Friday! :)

Here's a fun way to kick off Columbus Day weekend: a pic of JK and Donna enjoying hot dogs at Marineland in California. The caption says the two starlets at right just happened to "bump into" the Kellys. When a photographer was present, yet. Sounds kind of "fishy" to me. Oh well, have a happy and safe weekend! :)

Sunday, October 4, 2015

JK's Sunday Funnies :)


I'm sure we're all familiar with the Maverick comic books which were published during the show's run. I've even featured some of them in this blog. What you might not know, however, is that Jack Kelly also "appeared" in other comic books.

Like, the May 1960 issue of Archie's Girls: Betty and Veronica.

Archie, of course, is that red-headed high school kid and Betty and Veronica are his girlfriends (he apparently can't decide which one he likes the best). The girls--blonde Betty and brunette Veronica--were popular enough to get their own spin-off comic. And, Veronica must have very good taste because she picked JK as "Star of the Month", complete with a small black and white photo and a full-page biography.

Incidentally, in one of the comic's stories, Betty describes Veronica as her "frenemy" ("a combination of a friend and an enemy"), a word which I thought was coined fairly recently. I Googled it and one source said "frenemy" originated in 1977 and was added to the  Merriam-Webster Dictionary in 2009. So, if any etymologists see this post, they may want to revise that origin date! :)

Okay, so this next comic is a Maverick comic, but it's more than that. It's also a science-fiction comic book! No, Bart and Bret don't wander into Westworld. However, there are sci-fi stories in this early 1960's Spanish-language comic, which also has one of the coolest Maverick covers (inside and out) I've ever seen.

Also published in Spanish, this Mexican photo-novelization of JK's 1963 feature film FBI Code 98 (Operacion F.B.I. En Cabo Canaveral) features actual scenes from the film:

Unfortunately, most of the photos inside are pretty grainy, but here's one of the pages with JK:

"Fotonovelas" were and still are popular in Latin America. As with FBI Code 98, the content of these photo-illustrated comics isn't always kids' stuff. For example, I own several vintage fotonovelas based on Breaking Point, the 1963-'64 psychiatric drama series starring Paul Richards.

Well, I hope these JK "funnies" have put a smile on your face. Keep watching for more JK goodies in TDS! :)

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Come Fly Away With JK! - Pt III

Hi Everyone!

Here's the third and final part of "A Pilot, On Stage and Off":

"For the past several years, Kelly has been playing in summer stock companies throughout the Midwest. Since many of these stops are off-airlines, he will frequently charter a plane for his wife*, himself and the large wardrobe that is required even when playing a 'modern' role.

"'I'll need at least five complete changes of suits on the road," he said, "in addition to what I wear offstage. You never know when or where you'll have a chance for cleaning and pressing. So, there's usually just room for a pilot, the two of us and our baggage when we charter a four-place. However, these short cross-country trips in various areas that are new to me give an excellent background for my own vacation flights.'

"Some of the actor's sensitivity to surroundings came to light when he was asked why he liked to fly. "I get a fantastic reaction to being off the ground. My mind crystalizes into clarity when I'm in the air and the earthbound problems disappear.

"Just as almost everyone else in the nation, I was glued to the TV set for two days after President Kennedy's assassination. Finally I became so depressed that I drove to the airport and took a Cessna up for two-and-a-half hours. For the short time I was in the air, the whole national tragedy seemed lifted from my shoulders.'

"Although he was born in New York City, Kelly is no stranger to southern California. He has spent a large part of his time there for the past several years, working in motion pictures, on TV and on the stage.

"Kelly had a clause in his contract that provided the option to drop out of a Broadway** show if the TV aviation film he was working on proved to be a success and was continued as a regular series.

'While I look forward to the Broadway assignment,' he said before leaving for the East, 'it would be most enjoyable to do a regular TV series patterned around aviation. In the trial film, 'Double Jeopardy', I play a happy-go-lucky, girl-chasing executive who uses a light aircraft for business transportation. In the original script, the author came up with a name for the proposed series--Pay the Piper.'

"'Naturally, the lead character's name in 'Double Jeopardy' is 'Mr. Piper'.

"And naturally, the aircraft used in 'Double Jeopardy' just happened to be a brand-new Piper Aztec C."

Bonus photo: JK not as a pilot, but as a passenger, along with wife Donna (May). The snipe on the back of this fabulous late 1950's TWA publicity photo says: "Idlewild Airport, N.Y. May 24--TV Star of Maverick, Jack Kelly and his attractive wife, actress May Wynn, look lovey-dovey on their arrival from Los Angeles. They will be with us a few days on business."  Incidentally, the book Donna is holding says "The Mainstream of America Series". This was a series of 20 books published by Doubleday between 1953 and 1966 which focused on American history.

Where will TDS and JK fly to next? Stay tuned and find out! :)
*This interview apparently took place in 1964 when JK was still married to May Wynn.

**Probably a reference to The Family Way, which opened and quickly closed on Broadway in early 1965. Unfortunately, "Double Jeopardy" wasn't a hit, either, and Pay The Piper didn't become a regular series, although JK would play Fred Piper again in "One Embezzlement and Two Margaritas" on Bob Hope Presents The Chrysler Theater in 1966.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Come Fly Away With JK! Pt. II

"A Pilot, On Stage and Off" continues:

JK waits as technicians check the light (that's co-star
Lauren Bacall in the foreground)

"As a mechanical malfunction in the sound recording system shut down filming temporarily, Kelly explained, 'The first flight I ever made was as an enlisted weather forecaster for the USAAF toward the end of World War II. We were to go from Great Falls, MT, to Anchorage, AK, as passengers in a C-46. Some of my buddies were also making their first flight and were admittedly scared. But when you've done professional acting, there's always the challenge of making the part believable. So, I lied like a trooper and told my fellow passengers that I'd been flying for 15 years and that there was nothing to worry about.'

"'Actually, I'm afraid of heights--close to the ground--and a 10-foot diving board gives me the shakes. However, I never have a bit of trouble in the air.'

"For an amateur light plane pilot, actor Kelly has had more than his share of misadventures as a passenger.

"'I was riding in a C-47 one day on a landing at Cold Bay--that's out on the Aleutian Chain--when the pilot ground-looped because of extreme surface winds. We finally slid to a stop off the runway in about six feet of icy water. However, we could walk ashore by climbing up the wing before the cabin filled with water.'

"The actor's military background for flying included riding and occasionally piloting C-47s on 'buzz-jobs' of Alaskan moose. 'In looking back, I guess the experience was a blessing in disguise, since we lived through it,' Kelly said. 'It called for a type of precision flying that you don't especially need in the traffic pattern at Burbank.'

"Kelly completed his military service as a non-commissioned officer in charge of the weather station at Elmendorf Air Force Base in Anchorage. 'I can still read a synoptic chart,' he said, 'and I've found the early training I had in weather has been a great help since I've had a chance to begin to learn to fly.'

"While Kelly is probably best known for working with one-horse-power films (he played the part of 'Bart' in the Maverick series on TV for several years), he has had the opportunity to portray a pilot or co-pilot in productions other than 'Double Jeopardy'. During the filming of FBI Code 98 for theater release, there was a North American 'Sabreliner' used for a 'set-dressing' and two Hughes 269A helicopters used on location. Kelly was able to fast-talk long enough and fast enough to get a Hughes pilot to give him 11 hours of dual [instruction] and he then spent 45 minutes solo in the helicopter.

"During the filming of Julie nine years ago, Kelly portrayed an airline [co-pilot] and was able to spend several hours in the United DC-6 simulator at Oakland. 'If you are going through the motions of operating a transport, you want to know which levers work the throttles and which work the props.'

[Bartista here: JK also appeared in the aviation-related feature film The Wild Blue Yonder in 1951.]

"It wasn't until the Maverick series came along that Kelly was able to stay in one place long enough to learn how to fly. He went to several instructor before B. G. O'Hara, a Flying Tiger Lines captain who worked with the Sky Roamers between the Pacific flights, took over and helped the actor smooth out his pre-solo problems.

"'Good instruction is important in everything you try to do, whether it's golf, swimming, flying or what', said Kelly. 'That ability to teach the right psychological approach makes all the difference in the world between just an airplane driver and a good instructor.'

"'After I'd shot just one landing with O'Hara, he pointed out that I was coming in with my left wing a little low because I was handling the wheel of the Cessna 150 by the hub instead of the outside. After a few minutes of practice, my landings improved 100%.'

"Jack Kelly looks upon flying as something active. 'My idea of flying isn't just to go out on a long cross-country trip where you climb to an altitude, turn on the autopilot and turn off your mind. I love to navigate by dead reckoning and, actually, I'm looking forward to the day when the omni goes out.'

"Kelly's other avocations are golf and fishing. 'Someday I hope to produce a 'home movie' on the fishing grounds of the Southwest because it's going to be a long time before they're fished out. I hope to take aerial footage of each of the locations and then follow up with scenes of actual fishing from the surface.'

"While he's an enthusiastic angler, Kelly admits that there's one species of fish that he honestly doesn't like to catch: the multicolored dolphin* that are found in great numbers in waters off both sides of the peninsula of Baja California. Dolphins are brilliantly-hued fish while in the water but lose much of their color once they're landed.

""I really hate to catch a dolphin,' he said quietly. 'When it's possible, I'll unhook them and put them back in the water.'

[*Bartista again: I think JK is actually referring to "dolphin fish", also known as "mahi mahi" or "dorado". They are fish and not dolphins like Flipper, which are mammals. A notable attribute of dolphinfish is their multi-hued iridescent coloring which fades when they're removed from the water.]

STAY TUNED FOR PART III and learn the main reason JK liked to fly.

Monday, September 21, 2015

Come Fly Away With JK! - Pt I :)


I hope everyone's recovered from the party. :)

Now, fasten your seatbelts...because we're going flying with Jack Kelly!

An amazing article about JK finally landed (pun intended) in the Kellection the other day after I'd diligently searched for it for several years. When you read it, you'll agree it was worth the wait!

Published in an aviation magazine, this profile from the mid-1960s offers a fascinating look at JK's interest in flying. It also reveals information about his military service and about some of his appearances as an actor which involved aviation. Above all, it provides a different perspective on JK than the usual "fan" magazine story. It proves once again that he was far more than just a handsome face.

As an introduction, let's watch this clip from "Double Jeopardy", a 1965 episode of Bob Hope Presents The Chrysler Theater in which JK starred as detective Fred Piper. The article explains how the flight scenes in this clip were filmed:

And, away we go:

"A Pilot, On Stage And Off
Written and photographed by

 Don Downie (c) The AOPA Pilot

Actor Jack Kelly enjoys flying as an avocation,

but he'd also like to be more closely involved with aviation in his television and screen activities.

"While filming a special television show for Bob Hope Presents The Chrysler Theater, actor Jack Kelly shares the cockpit of a Piper Aztec with Fullerton, CA,  pilot J. Tom Brody." (Photo by Don Downie)
"It was quiet on the soundstage at Universal Studios near Hollywood, CA. In front of the cameras was a meticulous 'mock-up' of a new Aztec C. Actually, the motion picture prop was a production Piper fuselage from nose to baggage compartment, opened up like a sliced orange for proper camera angles.

"In the pilot's seat was Zsa Zsa Gabor, but her co-pilot knew a great deal more about flying than the Hungarian glamour girl. Flying right seat for Zsa Zsa was actor Jack (John A.) Kelly (AOPA 133779) who starred in the Bob Hope Presents The Chrysler Theater TV film titled 'Double Jeopardy'. In addition to Kelly and Miss Gabor, the film included Lauren Bacall and Tom Poston.

"It would have been much more practical from a flying standpoint to have the roles in the cockpit reversed. Actor Kelly is an eager and active member of the Sky Roamers Flying Club of Burbank, CA, and an expert meteorologist.

"While he's working in Hollywood, Jack Kelly finds the Sky Roamers an ideal flying club for his purposes. 'There's everything a new pilot needs, including a Link trainer and lots of instruction,' he explained between takes of 'Double Jeopardy'.

"In this particular scene, which took 12 retakes, Kelly had to have a makeup artist remove Miss Gabor's lipstick each time. But Kelly is a professional actor who can switch quickly from camera capers to hangar flying.

"'I use the Sky Roamers' Cessna 172's and 175's to go golfing at Palm Springs or Borrego Springs, but I like to fly pretty high through Banning Pass,' he said.

"The basic idea for the script and lead character for 'Double Jeopardy' was Jack Kelly's.

"'I feel if we can keep private flying in the foreground of entertainment, we can influence more people to try it themselves,' he explained. 'At first, we kicked around the idea of having the lead character have the capability to fly himself. However, there seemed to be better plot opportunities to have him as an interested passenger involved with a great deal of flying and, of course, a great number of most attractive gals.'

"Even with his relatively brief experience in flying, Kelly doubled in brass as technical director on the set.

"'But what am I supposed to do, darlink,' asked Zsa Zsa, 'when I'm supposed to be piloting zis machine?' (Her on-camera accent is for real.)

"Kelly explained what the control movements would be to correspond with the rear projection color background that showed a landing at the Monterey, CA, Airport."

STAY TUNED FOR PART II and learn about JK's adventures (and misadventures) with military airplanes and some of his high-flying film roles!

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

It's Time to Celebrate! :)

"Time to get this party started!"
 "It sure was swell of La Bartista to throw this Maverick-themed shindig for my birthday.
I can hardly wait to enjoy a slice of my cake!
First, I'll go see who all is here--there's plenty of time for cake."
 "Jack, Jack, Jack, Jack--guess what day it is? It's hump day!
Oh, and it's also your birthday."
 "Happy Birthday, Jack! I know the invite said only one guest,
but the Moore the merrier." 
"I wasn't sure what gift to buy for you, Jack,
so I'm giving you this money I just won."
 "Your old Pappy says, 'Happy Birthday!'"
"Your old Uncle says, 'Where's the cake?'"
"STELLA! It's my birthday...can I please have my watch back now?" 
"This gift has a nice 'ring' to it!"

"Here, this ring looks better on you than it does on me."
"Cindy, you look like you could use some cake--and a bath."
"Now, it's time for cake!"
"Sorry, Jack...the cake is all gone!"
"Forgive me, Jack...I didn't mean to take the last piece of cake."
"I baked you another carrot cake, Jack!"
"Goldie, you saved the day--the birthday,
that is!"

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Guess Who Doesn't Survive The "Alamo"? :)


I always keep an eye out for episodes of TV shows where JK guest-starred. One such show--McCloud--popped up on Me-TV the other night. Since it came on pretty late, I had to DVR it. Yesterday, I was finally able to watch the DVR'd episode, titled "This Must Be The Alamo".

And guess what?

[Spoiler alert]

JK's character, a womanizing bookie named Manny Donner, gets bumped off before the first commercial! In fact, he barely makes it through the first five minutes of the episode.

Manny surprises his latest girlfriend while she's sharing a drink with a pro football player. Things go south from there. Manny gets mad; the girlfriend shoots the ball player, then shoots Manny, and runs off with the incriminating diary she's been keeping. Poor Manny ends up as a corpse dumped in front of a hospital and then as a sheet-covered stiff in a makeshift morgue at McCloud's precinct. The football player and the girlfriend meet similarly dire fates.

The rest of the episode revolves around McCloud (the cowboy cop from New Mexico played by Dennis Weaver) and his colleagues coping with a crippling heat wave in New York City. The mercury hits 106, but this was in 1974, so they couldn't blame global warming.

In addition to the heat and the homicides, McCloud and company must deal with power shortages, a shoplifter, a deadly hit-and-run case, and even an abandoned infant. Finally, nearly everyone in the precinct is held hostage by mobsters looking for Manny's girlfriend's little black book. Can McCloud save the day? You bet your Stetson he can!

The episode is chock-full of other familar faces including Van Johnson and Ray Danton. The only thing worse than Danton's hairdo (more like a hair-don't) is JK's jacket:

I know you'll still want to see JK if this episode ever comes on again. Just don't blink or you'll miss him! :)

Coming Up:

  • "All the World's a Stage With JK" continues
  • A colorful birthday salute
  • Flying high with JK!
  • And more...stay tuned :)