Thursday, June 20, 2013

General-ly JK! :)


As you may remember, in an earlier "TDS" post I explored Jack Kelly's career as a voiceover artist and spotlighted some YouTube videos featuring JK's mellifluous tones. 

For your listening pleasure, here are two more classic examples of JK's voiceover work, this time for General Tire:

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Pappy's Day! :)

La Bartista and "TDS" wish every Pappy 
a fantastic Father's Day! :)

Incidentally, here's the scoop on this amazing Maverick publicity photo. The original ABC network caption reads, "James Garner greets James Garner with Jack Kelly's approval when the Maverick brothers--Bret (Garner) and Bart (Kelly) introduce their 'Pappy' on the first show of the third season of ABC-TV's Warner Bros.-produced Maverick, Sunday, Sept. 13 [1959] (7:30-8:30 PM, EDT). Garner plays the dual role."

The photo is an excellent example of photo editing, but I can't determine how the two images of Garner were merged. His hands fit together perfectly in the handshake, and I can't detect any tell-tale "cut and paste" lines (this was decades before Photoshop) in either image. Oh well, maybe it was just Maverick magic. ;-)