Sunday, January 4, 2015

The First Kellectible of 2015! :)

Howdy Everyone!

I finally captured a Kellectible I've been chasing since I first became interested in Jack Kelly and Maverick :

It's a cardboard display box which once held 24 "Mounds" and "Almond Joy" candy bars. I've actually had several chances to buy items like this one, but the cost was always pretty steep for an empty box. I finally found one for a "sweet" price. :)

Why is Bart Maverick on the box? Because the Peter Paul company sponsored Maverick during its 1961-'62 season. A blurb in the 6/26/1961 issue of Sponsor (a TV/radio advertising trade publication) explains:

Here are a couple of Mounds and Almond Joy commercials from 1961:


Can you believe these candy bars were only $.10 back in the day? The last time I got a Mounds out of the vending machine at work it cost $.95!

But, they are still "indescribably delicious":

By the way, the gal on the box with Bart is "Pinky Pinkham" (Dorothy Provine) from The Roaring 20's series. You may remember Bart and Pinky dancing a mean Charleston in this previous TDS post.