Wednesday, January 9, 2019

JK--Pushin' Up Roses? :)


As you may have noticed after nearly 10 years and over 500 posts here in TDS, I have a nose for nostalgia. And last evening, I decided to stop and smell the roses by enjoying a vintage video on YouTube when...whaaaat?!

Here's the video I was watching (yes, that's Groucho's favorite foil, George Fenneman):

It's simply a string of mostly local commercials shown on Los Angeles station KTTV back in 1974. Lots of fun stuff here, including an original Kentucky Fried Chicken ad with the real Colonel Sanders.

But, it was right after the KFC commercial--at about 3:49 minutes into the video--when my ears perked up. A young couple is shown teaching their child how to ride a bike. Then, the announcer starts talking about caring, and beauty and: a mortuary?

And, I suddenly realized that the announcer sounded awfully familiar...

Yes, I'm certain that's Jack Kelly doing the voiceover for the Rose Hills Memorial Park ad. Take a listen to the ad in the video above and compare the voiceover to other commercials featuring JK's voice here and here.

I'm amazed to have discovered what's apparently a long-lost and/or long-forgotten regional example of JK's considerable vocal talents. You'll discover some other neat ads in the KTTV video, too. (Just don't mess with "Lady Kung Fu" or you might end up in Rose Hills Memorial Park.) ;>