Thursday, August 2, 2018

Freedom and JK - Pt. II

Continuing with our look at Jack Kelly in Freedom and You:

The last straw for Jerry comes when Helen announces that their two younger children are going away to a state school. He confronts his wife about choosing to send the kids away, but his youngest daughter Sally (Carol Nicholson) informs Jerry that the idea to attend the school was actually hers and Jimmy's. She explains they were told that family life doesn't encourage the collective character which the Party desires in its young people.  

Jerry is further taken aback as Jimmy accuses him of not teaching the children more about "the Party line" and instead indulging in "deviationism and bourgeois sentimentalism", which means he must be reported to the authorities:

Jerry can take no more. He says the Donovans are going to be a family again and, as a start, the children are going to Sunday School to learn the truth. He physically drags them there. But once they arrive the children tell him that there is no more Sunday School, because the church has been converted into a museum exhibiting Soviet inventions:

Jerry insists that someone has made a mistake. Inside the museum, he finds the "Russian" inventions on display include the telephone. Jerry angrily points out to the curator that the phone was invented by Alexander Graham Bell, an American.

Jerry destroys the deceitful display and the curator summons the authorities to arrest him:

Next time in TDS: Is it the end of Jerry's nightmare--or Jerry himself?! Please stay tuned for Part III of "Freedom and JK"!