Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Couldn't ask for a better Valentine's Day present:

I just saw it announced on "TVShowsOnDVD" that the entire first season of Maverick will FINALLY be released on DVD "just in time for Father's Day" on May 29, at the "priced to own" cost of $39.98! The official press release from Warner Home Video is here.

Watch "TDS" for further updates!

As my old Pappy might have said, "This is great news--I just wonder what took them so darn long?" ;-)

Happy Valentine's Day From JK & "TDS"! :)

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Got a Tough Cleaning Job? :)



TV's Bart Maverick, Jack Kelly, demonstrates this revolutionary new product. For tough cleaning jobs, the MAVERAG is better than a royal flush!

The incredible MAVERAG can't be beat when it comes to rubbing, scrubbing, dusting or buffing. Tidy up the table after that all-night poker game--or, like Jack here, grab a couple of MAVERAGS to tackle that two-fisted car washing chore!

The MAVERAG comes in a variety of colors and sizes, and is machine washable. And, for do-it-yourselfers, an exclusive kit is also available so you can make your very own MAVERAGS from common household materials such as old shirts and towels. Includes special MAVERAG scissors and easy-to-follow instructions.

Yes, you'll really clean up with: the MAVERAG!

(MAVERAG is a registered trademark of La Bartista Enterprises.)