Sunday, October 10, 2010

Jack Kelly - The "Kellt" of the Cobra! :)

Howdy Everyone!

I'm not really a fan of the tasteless sitcom Two and a Half Men. I would never purposely watch it. However, it's one of those shows that I'm invariably subjected to when I'm a captive audience, like in the waiting area of the 30-minute oil change place.

The only laugh-out-loud moment I've encountered on Men is where a boy is watching the film Jaws on TV with his uncle. The kid complains because the movie has been on for 40 minutes and the shark hasn't appeared yet. He thinks Snakes on a Plane is a much scarier movie because the snakes are everywhere and they pop up when you least expect it. For the rest of the scene, the boy tries to scare his uncle by suddenly yelling "SNAKE!!!" while pantomiming a snake's mouth with his hand.

Now, what does all this have do with Jack Kelly? Well, not much, although it fits right in with today's post, which spotlights JK's 1955 film, Cult of the Cobra. It's a chiller about some American G.I.s who foolishly crash a secret snake-worshipping ceremony in Asia. Back in the States, most of the G.I.s meet strange deaths, which all tie-in to a mysterious woman who can change into a--SNAKE!!!

You can watch the entire film here:

Plus, here are some rare wardrobe test pix of JK as "Carl Turner" snapped during the making of Cult of the Cobra:

(Is that a cigarette holder?)

"Yay, it's bowling night!"

JK and a curvaceous kibitzer.

"Hi, your pal Smilin' Jack here, with an unbeatable deal on this 1955 Cadillac. It was driven only
on Sundays by a little old lady..." ;->