Saturday, February 26, 2011

Jack Kelly: Out of the Shadows :)

Hello All!

It will be a few weeks before Spring officially arrives. There's still some snow on the ground here. However, there are already buds on the maple tree in my front yard. The hostas are sending up some spiky shoots in the garden. It looks like the crocuses are starting to peek through the frozen soil, too. And, the days are getting longer. So, it won't be long before the world emerges from the shadows of winter.

With Linda Alexander's upcoming book, the Jack Kelly group on Facebook, and this blog, JK is starting to come out of the shadows, as well. But, we weren't the first to recognize that JK deserved greater visibility.

Way back in 1960, a reader of the now-defunct British publication Picturegoer wrote to the magazine and shined the light on "K. O. Kelly":

The reader, Patricia B. from Birmingham, UK, wrote:

"It is time that Jack Kelly of Maverick was brought out of the shadows. Clint Walker [of Cheyenne] and Robert Horton [of Wagon Train] have been getting all the publicity. Yet when it comes to Western heroes, I think Kelly can beat the lot with his looks and his acting talent."

Me too! :->