Monday, February 15, 2016

Have a "Mary, Mary" Monday! :)


I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine's Day weekend.

Now, here's a riddle to start your week:

What's red and white, printed on paper and is oh-so-romantic?

A valentine, right?

Yes--and also the program for the play Mary, Mary:

As you may remember from "All the World's A Stage With JK- Pt II", Jack Kelly co-starred (as "Bob McKellaway") in Mary, Mary at the Houston (TX) Music Theatre with the now-late Marjorie Lord in October 1966.

A rare program from this limited-run production recently joined the Kellection, and it's a doozy! Not the usual digest-sized "Playbill"- type program, it's a large booklet with card-stock covers.

Each of the principal players (JK, Ms. Lord, and popular character actor Leon Ames) was given a full-page write-up and photo in the program. And, best of all, they autographed their photos!

Here's how JK signed his beaming portrait for a lucky fan named "Jan":  

Incidentally, the program even includes a bit of insight into the writing process, courtesy of the bio for the play's author, Jean Kerr. If anyone wants to write, but thinks their surroundings aren't conducive to creativity, read how Ms. Kerr managed to put words to paper: "For some years Jean had a study outside the house. It was an old automobile parked at least two blocks away from [her home] 'The Kerr-Hilton', her five sons, her husband, and her household problems. The past year she had to transfer her work to a more orthodox spot--her master bedroom. 'I ran out of places to park,' she says ruefully."

While I'm not writing in my car (it's a little too cold outside for that!), I am working on lots more posts for TDS. So, please stay tuned! :)