Saturday, June 30, 2018

Sci-Fi Saturday Night :)


Here's another magnifico Mexican lobby card for Jack Kelly's 1957 feature film She Devil:

Please stay tuned to TDS--there's more sci-fi in store and JK's WB candids are coming, plus lots of other goodies, too! :) 

Monday, June 25, 2018

JK The "Mistrot" Tot :)

Happy Monday Everyone!

In keeping with the accent on Jack Kelly's youth, I now present a Kellectible which is so rare I didn't even know it existed, until it joined the Kellection:

A 1930 casting directory for "Mistrot".

 What is Mistrot? It was a modeling agency in New York City. I was able to find almost no other information about it, except for this 1932 ad in a New York City newspaper:

But, look who I found inside the directory:

Yep, it's JK as a toddler! :)

I know we've seen this charming image many times before--even in this blog--but here it is, nice and clear and in its original context.

This is JK's Mistrot page:

("Lackawanna" was a telephone exchange in NYC.) 
JK's little big sis, Nancy Kelly, is in the directory, too. Flashing her winsome smile, she was already a seasoned child actress with film credits at Paramount, Fox and Universal Studios:  

 Plus, I believe this is the Kelly kids' mom, actress and model Ann Mary "Nan" Kelly:

What a fascinating artifact from JK's early days in showbiz!
There are some other famous names in the directory as well, such as Natalie Schafer (later "Lovey Howell" on Gilligan's Island) and Vilma Ebsen (sister and one-time dancing partner of Buddy Ebsen).
Please stay tuned for much more in TDS! :)