Friday, March 15, 2019

Dr. Mitchell's Bedside Manner :)

Happy Friday!

Two rare stills from Jack Kelly's short-lived 1955 television series Kings Row recently joined the Kellection. JK starred as "Dr. Parris Mitchell", an American psychiatrist trained in Vienna who encounters small-minded opposition when he brings his big-city treatment methods to his hometown of Kings Row in 1905.

These stills are from the show's very first episode, "Lady In Fear", which premiered on September 13, 1955. They illustrate Dr. Mitchell's thoughtful bedside manner as he evaluates his patient, a young wife named "Eloise" (Peggy Webber). 

The doctor suspects that the root of Eloise's invalidism is emotional rather than physical:

However, as this original newspaper ad for the episode says, "If he couldn't break through her curtain of fear--no doctor could help!"

"Parris was sure he could cure Eloise...if only he could talk to her, win her confidence! But how...with her husband and all of Kings Row against him?"

Well, I'm sure if Parris was my doctor, he'd cure me of whatever was ailing me! :)

BTW, I've seen JK steeple his fingers like that in at least a couple of other photos:

And, I noticed how opulent the furnishings look in those two Kings Row stills, which seemed unusual for a TV show. I found the explanation in a newspaper story which quoted actor Paul Stewart, who directed "Lady In Fear": "Stewart proudly displayed the Kings Row sets, which fill Stage 16 on the Warner lot. 'Everything is done in the authentic 1905 era,' he remarked. 'Some of the stuff is fabulous. I'd estimate we have $30,000 worth of furnishings here.'"

Alas, Stage 16 would soon be used for other productions as Kings Row was quickly canceled. The final episode aired in early 1956. Fortunately, JK had his eye on the future. Another newspaper item reported that "Jack Kelly of Kings Row has invested all of his earnings in a Hollywood tailor shop."

We'll revisit Kings Row soon in TDS--please stay tuned! :)

Sunday, March 10, 2019

All Dressed Up! :)


Here's a pic from a 1959 movie magazine of Jack Kelly and some famous friends, all dressed up:

As the caption says, "It's not often you see so many Western heroes all duded up at the same time. Left to right, the TV cowboys are Ty Hardin, Peter Brown, Chuck Connors, Jack Kelly and John Russell. The occasion for the fancy dress was a ball held at the Hollywood Palladium."

Of course, this is how we usually saw JK, Hardin, Brown and Russell (along with some other cowboy pals):

It's interesting to glimpse these TV westerners in tuxes, and especially to see Russell ("Marshal Dan Troop" in Lawman) without his signature mustache.

I think JK looks great in a tux or in a buckskin jacket. Please stay tuned for more of his "looks" in TDS. :)