Wednesday, September 16, 2015

It's Time to Celebrate! :)

"Time to get this party started!"
 "It sure was swell of La Bartista to throw this Maverick-themed shindig for my birthday.
I can hardly wait to enjoy a slice of my cake!
First, I'll go see who all is here--there's plenty of time for cake."
 "Jack, Jack, Jack, Jack--guess what day it is? It's hump day!
Oh, and it's also your birthday."
 "Happy Birthday, Jack! I know the invite said only one guest,
but the Moore the merrier." 
"I wasn't sure what gift to buy for you, Jack,
so I'm giving you this money I just won."
 "Your old Pappy says, 'Happy Birthday!'"
"Your old Uncle says, 'Where's the cake?'"
"STELLA! It's my birthday...can I please have my watch back now?" 
"This gift has a nice 'ring' to it!"

"Here, this ring looks better on you than it does on me."
"Cindy, you look like you could use some cake--and a bath."
"Now, it's time for cake!"
"Sorry, Jack...the cake is all gone!"
"Forgive me, Jack...I didn't mean to take the last piece of cake."
"I baked you another carrot cake, Jack!"
"Goldie, you saved the day--the birthday,
that is!"

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Guess Who Doesn't Survive The "Alamo"? :)


I always keep an eye out for episodes of TV shows where JK guest-starred. One such show--McCloud--popped up on Me-TV the other night. Since it came on pretty late, I had to DVR it. Yesterday, I was finally able to watch the DVR'd episode, titled "This Must Be The Alamo".

And guess what?

[Spoiler alert]

JK's character, a womanizing bookie named Manny Donner, gets bumped off before the first commercial! In fact, he barely makes it through the first three minutes of the episode.

Manny surprises his latest girlfriend while she's sharing a drink with a pro football player. Things go south from there. Manny gets mad; the girlfriend shoots the ball player, then shoots Manny, and runs off with the incriminating diary she's been keeping. Poor Manny ends up as a corpse dumped in front of a hospital and then as a sheet-covered stiff in a makeshift morgue at McCloud's precinct. The football player and the girlfriend meet similarly dire fates.

The rest of the episode revolves around McCloud (the cowboy cop from New Mexico played by Dennis Weaver) and his colleagues coping with a crippling heat wave in New York City. The mercury hits 108, but this was in 1974, so they couldn't blame global warming.

In addition to the heat and the homicides, McCloud and company must deal with power shortages, a shoplifter, a deadly hit-and-run case, and even an abandoned infant. Finally, nearly everyone in the precinct is held hostage by mobsters looking for Manny's girlfriend's little black book. Can McCloud save the day? You bet your Stetson he can!

The episode is chock-full of other familar faces including Van Johnson and Ray Danton. The only thing worse than Danton's hairdo (more like a hair-don't) is JK's jacket:

I know you'll still want to see JK if this episode ever comes on again. Just don't blink or you'll miss him! :)

Coming Up:

  • "All the World's a Stage With JK" continues
  • A colorful birthday salute
  • Flying high with JK!
  • And more...stay tuned :)