Sunday, August 1, 2010

Jack Kelly - The Shoot-In Continues! :)

Hello Everybody!

Now, we continue with more screen captures of Jack Kelly in "The Shoot-In At NBC".

Here, Bob Hope nervously eyes the "enemy":

(They probably didn't use real booze in these scenes, but I get the feeling the participants may have enjoyed liberal libations before the filming started! ;->)

JK asks Phil Carey who the "two characters" are at the end of the bar. PC tells him they look like "Geritol hippies".

Bob Hope tries to cheer up Steve Allen by suggesting they watch this great comic on television--Bob Hope! So, he has the bartender turn on the TV.

Suddenly, JK remembers it's time for PC's show, too. ("So why are we watching Pappy Yokum?")

(By the way, doesn't Steverino's outfit kinda remind you of JK's costume in that Batman episode?)

PC isn't too happy with the Hope show, so he decides to shoot the TV, using JK's head to steady his aim:


After this, JK and PC are seen no more. Which is too bad, because they both did a wonderful job as comical cowboys and it would have been nice to see more of them.

The special gets even sillier after this. The "comics" steal all the horses from the "cowboys", because you can't make westerns without horses. And, the horses end up hidden everywhere, even in Perry Como's bed (but this is not The Godfather, and it's a whole horse!) However, the cowboys rent more horses and charge toward the comics' hideout. Although the comics try to repel the invading cowboys with golf balls and seltzer spray, the westerners triumph at the end. (It's a wonder they didn't all catch Dodge Fever.) ;->