Saturday, July 29, 2017

JK Goes "Commandos" Again! :)


Direct from Italy, here's a fantastico fotobusta for Commandos which just joined the Kellection:

A close-up of Jack Kelly:

Yikes--that's probably the scariest pic I've ever seen of JK! So, here are some much nicer views of our man as "Captain Valli", courtesy of my Commandos DVD: 

Please stay tuned for more movie (and TV) moments with JK in TDS! :)
COMING UP NEXT: A bundle from Brazil!

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Your Morning "Danish"! :)

¡Buenas Dias!

Here's another rare treat from the wonderful world of Jack Kelly movie Kellectibles: a colorful Danish poster for the 1956 Mexican film Canasta de Cuentos Mexicanos, or, A Basket of Mexican Tales:

¡OlĂ©! A close-up of JK and co-star Mari Blanchard that's even hotter than this July's weather:

Coming soon in TDS:
  • More JK movie moments!
  • A bundle from Brazil!
  • And more--please stay tuned! :)