Thursday, January 31, 2019

Wintervention! :)


Much of the Midwest has been in the bone-chilling grip of a "polar vortex" for the past couple of days. Sub-zero temperatures and record-low wind chills have closed schools and even caused mail delivery to be temporarily suspended in some states.

As January comes to an icy end, I think we need a "wintervention" to help warm us up. So, here are some pix from the Kellection of Jack Kelly and his first wife Donna (May Wynn) frolicking in the California sun. 

These first pix are from a 1958 fan magazine feature titled "Just The Jack For Jim":

"They had tested dozens of young actors to play opposite
 James Garner in the ABC Maverick series...Then somebody decided to try Jack Kelly..."

"Handsome TV cowboy actor Jack Kelly is shown
 with his bride of a little more than a year, pretty actress May Wynn."

"Jack and May pose in the garden of their new house.
Jack is from an acting clan--sister Nancy Kelly is a screen star."
"In the living room of their comfortable ranch-style home
in Studio City, the Kellys relax a bit.
Jack loves California."
"Jack, who has proved a perfect foil for James Garner as the brother in Warner's ABC Maverick,  helps with the cooking." [B27--Um, JK was more than just "the brother" in Maverick. And, I bet he's using Kaiser foil here. ;>]
Finally, here's an actual United Press photo taken at the same time as the shot above (notice May/Donna's shiny leather slacks!):
The snipe on the back reads: "CARRYING ON (Studio City, Calif): Providing a pick-me-up for his pretty wife, actress May Wynn, actor Jack Kelly bears up well under the burden outside of the pair's home in Studio City, Calif. Jack appears as Bart Maverick in the ABC Television Maverick series." And, the photo is dated 1/29/58--almost exactly 61 years ago!  
Well, I hope these sunny pictures have picked you up. Please stay tuned for more fun with JK in TDS--and stay warm. :)