Saturday, November 17, 2018

The Maverick's A Marshal :)

Howdy Pardners!

Remember that 2009 TDS post titled "Jack Kelly Goes To Rodeo", which featured a Japanese magazine clipping of JK, wife Donna and actress Barbara Nichols at a rodeo in Palm Springs, California?

Well, I recently purchased a U.S. magazine with a fun article and additional photos of the rodeo:

 "It's not a sight you're likely to see on your TV screen--Maverick's gone straight. But loyal fans needn't fret. It's only temporary, and come Sunday he'll be back again on the other side of the badge."
Photo captions: 1."Rodeo queen Barbara Nichols doesn't need gun to get her man. Duds are enuf." 2. Jack and Barbara look on tensely during exciting moment in bronco-busting event" (B27: And let's not forget Donna Kelly/May Wynn, sitting right next to her husband!)
 Article text: "Take one spoonful of a western hero, add a pinch of a curvy blonde actress, garnish with a trio of nightclub crooners and season with a top radio disk jockey, and you've got yourself the big 21st annual Palm Springs Mounted Police Rodeo.
21st Annual Palm Springs Rodeo Program courtesy of Palm Springs Historical Society
"Handsome Jack Kelly the star of Maverick, lovely Barbara Nichols, the Crosby brothers (Lindsay, Dennis and Phillip) and KMPC's Dick Whittinghill were the ingredients--as Grand Marshal, Rodeo Queen, Parade Marshals and High Sheriff respectively. For three days these madcaps were on hand, adding fun and glamor to what has already become one of the top rodeos.
"Still, it was a major blow to all self-respecting outlaws."
1."Three of Bing's sons (l to r) Phillip, Dennis and Lindsay are Parade Marshals" 2. "Jack and wife (actress May Wynn) admire trophy and each other at end of big day"
 It's a shame these fantastic photos are so hard to see. But, not to worry: we can see them much better, because I have these same photos--scanned directly from the original negatives! :)
(I think Babs forgot part of her costume.)
"This isn't my first rodeo!"
"So where's my cowboy hat?"
Donna has the best prize of all--JK! :)
Extra-special images of this event have actually been in the Kellection for some time now but I was waiting for a special occasion to share them here in TDS. Quite honestly, I've spent mucho dinero purchasing them and untold hours scanning them, digitizing them and researching the story behind them. That's because I believe that you, my readers, deserve the very best. Because, let's face it, you are the very best! :)

And, you've waited long enough. So, I'm declaring today a special occasion, the start of a parade of fabulous photos starring JK! (Watch out, Macy's! ;>)  

I'm also working on a special "beyond the blog" project with these images, so please stay tuned! :)