Saturday, August 20, 2016

JK Saturday Sillies :)

"After I changed your oil, I did a complimentary safety check and lookey here: you got a couple bad spark plugs, your carburetor's pretty cruddy, your transmission is sluggish and your battery probably only has about six months left. I can fix all this stuff now if you'd like. Of course, it'll be extra. If you wanna wait, it should only take, um, about five hours, unless I have to call out for parts, then I'll have to keep it overnight. Oh, okay, you just want the oil change? That'll be $19.99 with the coupon."

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

JK: Last of the Mohicans! :)

Olá! (that's Portuguese for "Hello")

Continuing our jaunt around the wide wide world of Kellectibles, and just ahead of the Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, here's a magazine article about Jack Kelly--from Rio de Janeiro! :)

It's from the February 1963 issue of Cinelandia, sort of the Brazilian version of Photoplay. Maverick had already ended its original run in the U.S., but it was apparently still running in Brazil since the text of the article laments that JK is the "last of the Mavericks", though the title of the article actually translates as "The Last of the Mohicans"!

The article has some great photos. Unfortunately, they're dark and grainy. I tried to brighten them as best I could. Anyway, as long as we can see Jack, right? ;) Enjoy!

JK and a visitor to the set
 Another visitor and the text of the article
While getting his hair colored gray for the role of "Uncle Bentley" in the "Pappy" episode of Maverick, JK chats with actress Kay Elhardt, who played Bart Maverick's would-be Mammy! :)

Here, JK confers with William Stuart, who produced eight episodes of Maverick during its final season.

JK Code 98! :)


Here's another goodie from the wide wide world of Kellectibles. Not a fotobusta this time, but a lobby card from Mexico:

The film being advertised is, of course, 1963's FBI Code 98, which starred Jack Kelly and just about every actor under contract at Warner Bros at the time, including a bunch who'd appeared with JK in Maverick (e.g. Kathleen Crowley, Andrew Duggan, and Ray Danton, to name just a few).  Phil Carey (in the lower right corner) had previously acted with JK in They Rode West (coming to TCM on 7/26 at 2:15 am ET, BTW!). JK later joined PC in two episodes of Laredo and the Bob Hope special Shoot-In at NBC.

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Cult of the Fotobusta! :)

Ciao Again! :)

As promised, I have some more Italian fotobustas for you. These are especially timely, as well, since Me-TV is airing JK's classic Cult of the Cobra this evening (July 16 - check local listings for time).

These 'bustas blend two scenes from the film. First, here's JK and his GI buddies "snaking" into trouble:

Next, here's another double scene, with JK on the right taking aim at an alarming intruder:

Here's a close-up of JK's throwing technique:

Another close-up, just because:

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Sally and Some Fotobustas! :)


Here's another look at Sally and Saint Anne--with an Italian accent! :)

The title SALLY... e i parenti picchiatelli on these vintage fotobustas (Italian lobby cards) roughly translates into English as Sally and Her Crackpot Relatives. And, the "cards" are actually more like posters since they're huge and printed on thin, fragile paper, which made it a challenge to handle and photograph them.

The fotobustas range in condition from fair to fairly terrible. However, they're an incredible find in any shape. And sometimes, it's not only the subject matter that's important in movie memorabilia, it's the preservation factor, as well. This ragged bit of JK ephemera will have a safe place in the Kellection.

Now, back to Jack! He appears on all four fotobustas. I hadn't seen three of these images and none of them in color before.

First, here's JK as bird-brained magician Mike O'Moyne with his sister, Sally (Ann Blyth):

Next, a wide-eyed Mike (dig that crazy tie!) and a smiling Sally:

The gang's all here with yet another variation on the cast photo:

How about a close-up of jovial JK:

Finally, Mike seems to be daydreaming as he and Sally watch their boxer brother Danny (Hugh O'Brian) spar with his manager (King Donovan):

One more close-up of that dreamy JK:

Have a wonderful Wednesday and stay tuned for more fun with fotobustas! :)

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Roy, Dale...And Jack! :)

Hi All!

As a rule, I generally don't post photos in TDS which aren't physically part of the Kellection.

However, I'm making an exception for the picture of Jack Kelly below because of its special and documented place in screen western history.

Its provenance: It was among a group of celebrity photos which sold for nearly $1500 at a live auction in 2015. Before that, the photos were part of the now-defunct Roy Rogers-Dale Evans Museum located in Victorville, CA, and later Branson, MO. The photos had been auctioned previously by Christie's in 2010.

As if the matted portrait isn't wonderful enough, it was autographed by JK himself! The Kelly humor is evident in the inscription which reads, "For Dale & Roy - You have no right to celebrate a fiftieth anniversary '45' years too early!! - Jack Kelly". (Roy and Dale were married in 1947, but the photo was apparently dated 10/16/81.)

Enjoy! :)