Friday, September 18, 2020

60 Years Ago Today...

 ...A "Bundle From Britain" arrived on Maverick!

Yes, it was on September 18, 1960, that Roger Moore debuted as "Beau Maverick", the "white sheep" cousin of the Maverick family.

I was about to ask Beau and his cousin Bart how they felt about this historic anniversary. Unfortunately, they're tied up at the moment:

Please stay tuned for more about Jack Kelly and Maverick in TDS! :)

Wednesday, September 16, 2020

A Zoomin' Birthday! :)

"With lockdowns and social-distancing, it looks like we won't be able to have a birthday party for you this year, Jack."

"Not to worry, Goldie--we'll have a virtual party! Okay, everyone, the party is!"

"Uh, Jim, you're on mute..."

"Oops, sorry old chap! CAN YOU 

"Yep...can you turn the volume down?"


"Bonjour, Jack!"

"Well, hello Countess!"

"What kinda caper is this? 
Dad? Suzanne? What's with the crazy threads?"

"I think you have the wrong party, son."

"I sure do...this is Squaresville! 
Hey, you ever been to 77 Cherokee Strip?"

"We sure have! Right, Jack? Er, Jack?"

"I'm here! Say, can somebody ping Bret? 
He accepted the invite but hasn't joined us yet."

"Will do!"

"Happy birthday, Jack!"

"Happy Holliday, Doc!"

"I see what you did there."

"Howdy, Jack, it's Pappy and Bentley here. 
Bret got your IM...he sends his regards."

"What's Bret doing?"

"He's playin' poker with that Samantha Crawford. Now, you know what I always say about playin' poker with women..."

"Yeah, I do Pappy. Uh, Goldie?"

"Yes, Jack?"

"What about my birthday cake?"

"Well...I'm afraid it's going to be 
virtual this year, too."

"Psych! I sent it by express delivery. 
It should be at your house any minute now!"


"It's here! Thanks a million, Goldie!"


--Meeting has ended---


Monday, September 14, 2020

A Stormy Moment With JK :)


Presenting one of my favorite original vintage stills from one of my favorite Maverick episodes:  "The Goose-Drownder", starring Jack Kelly as Bart Maverick and guest-starring Fay Spain as the provocatively named dance-hall girl "Stella Legendre":  

Even in this still image, JK's and Ms. Spain's expressive eyes convey the tense emotions of the scene. 

Here's how the photo looked when it was published in The Columbus Dispatch on May 8, 1960, the date 'The Goose-Drownder' was rerun on ABC:

The caption reads, "Jack Kelly, as Bart Maverick, protects Stella Legendre, played by Fay Spain, from a vicious outlaw in 'The Goose Drownder' on Maverick, Sunday, May 8, on Chan. 6 at 7:30 p.m.)"

(The Dispatch cropped out the deceased character in the background.)

By the way, I'm always baffled when authors, reviewers, etc., state that when Maverick originally aired in the 1950s, viewers didn't know from one week to the next if they were going to see Bret or Bart Maverick as the star of an episode. Really? Did these viewers not read "TV Guide" or their local newspapers? 

I've found that Maverick was well-publicized during its 1957-1962 network run, with plot synopses and photos appearing in advance of each weekly episode. I found several different promo photos and write-ups for 'The Goose-Drownder' alone during my perusals of various newspaper databases. 

For example:

The caption: "TIME OF DANGER - Time is running out for Jack Kelly and Fay Spain, who are stranded in a ghost town with a band of stagecoach robbers in 'The Goose-Drownder', next segment in the Warner Bros. Maverick series, to show on Sunday, December 13 [1959], on the ABC-TV network."

Notice it says "next segment". So, viewers shouldn't have been surprised when Bart showed up as the star of "The Goose-Drownder". Unless, of course, they were too busy watching TV to read the newspaper. ;)

Well, please stay tuned for more photographical fun with JK in TDS! :)

Wednesday, September 9, 2020

"Savage" Gal :)

Hello Everyone,

I spent part of Labor Day going through some Jack Kelly photos in the Kellection. I came across this incredible still from the Maverick episode "The Savage Hills":

That's lovely Diane Brewster as conniving "Samantha Crawford" with JK.

The info on the reverse of this vintage original press photo says:

"'SAVAGE' GAL --When Bart Maverick (JACK KELLY) is accused of being a member of a counterfeiting ring, he flees the law with the gal, Amantha [sic] (DIANE BREWSTER), who holds the answer to the dangerous game in 'The Savage Hills', a Warner Bros. Maverick drama for ABC-telecasting, Sunday, February 9."

Here's how the photo appeared in a newspaper to promote the episode when it originally aired in 1958:

Please stay tuned for more vintage photo/promo match-ups in TDS

Saturday, July 25, 2020

Happy National Day of the Cowboy from JK & TDS! :)


To celebrate National Day of the Cowboy 2020, here's an autographed photo of a jaunty Jack Kelly as Bart Maverick:

The inscription on this original photo in the Kellection says: "To Myra + Bill, Jack Kelly".
Have a wonderful day and please stay tuned for more rip-roarin' fun with JK in TDS!

Sunday, July 19, 2020

ABC and JK :)

Hello Everyone!

Have a look at this GORGEOUS pic of Jack Kelly as Bart Maverick:

It's a typical promo photo from ABC-TV, right?

Take a closer look at the ABC logo:

Actually, this promo pic is from the Associated British Corporation TV network, rather than the American Broadcasting Company which aired Maverick in the United States. As noted before in TDS, Maverick was pretty popular in the UK during the late 1950's and early 1960's. 

Here's another marvelous Maverick promo pic from the ABC network across the pond (the "Jack Kelly" is not JK's signature--it looks like someone else scrawled it on the photo):

There's a veddy British notation stamped on the reverse of this pic:

Alas, the Associated British Corporation network is long defunct. It was forced to merge with the Rediffusion London network in 1968 and become Thames TV--yep, the folks who brought us Benny Hill. But, here's a fun look at the various ABC logos (I'm sure you'll recognize the one which spells out "Associated British Corporation" from the end-credits of The Avengers TV series).

So, there you have the ABCs of JK and Maverick. Please stay tuned for more fun in TDS--cheerio! :)

Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Here's Jack :)


Still trying to find Jack?

Here he is:

Yes, that's a very young and pensive JK along with lovely Jeanne Crain in the foreground.
And, of course this is a vintage original still from the 1951 feature film People Will Talk, which also starred Cary Grant. JK didn't receive a screen credit for his bit role as a medical student:
You'll always find Jack Kelly in TDS--please stay tuned! :)