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"A Safe Journey" With JK! :)


Hello Everyone!

Did you enjoy seeing Jack Kelly in The Silent Service? (Silly question... ;->)

Well, get ready for another blast from JK's pre-Maverick past: "Safe Journey", a suspenseful episode of The Star and The Story, an anthology series which originally aired 1955-'56.

"Safe Journey" (2/5/1955) was directed by Blake Edwards before he hit it big with Richard Diamond, Mr. Lucky, Peter Gunn and The Pink Panther franchise. Edwards also wrote the 1954 feature film Drive A Crooked Road, which co-starred JK.

Below are some screencaps of "Safe Journey" from a DVD in the Kellection. (And, stay tuned for a special video clip at the end!) :)

 As host/star Frank Lovejoy explains in his introduction to the episode, "Safe Journey" is about some "people on a train...and who they are, and what they are...and, if they are what they say they are."

Two of the people who will be on the train are Sam Neeley (Lovejoy) and his traveling companion (JK). When we first see them, they appear to be businessmen having coffee before their departure:
However, Neeley's companion seems anxious to leave...
...and we soon learn why:
Neeley is actually a prisoner on his way to testify in an underworld trial and the other man is a detective assigned to make sure he gets there.
The detective vigilantly observes everything and everyone around him, including a woman glancing at Neeley from the train window:
He remains on edge on the train, while Neeley relaxes with a book:
The detective suspects that nearly anyone on board could be out to "spring" Neeley.  He draws his gun when a nearsighted passenger blunders into their compartment:
He's still tense at dinner, when the mysterious woman from the window joins the pair and claims to be a reporter who's dying to get the scoop on Neeley:
The detective doesn't believe her story and tells her there will be no interview with the convict. She doesn't take "No" for an answer, though, and sneaks into their compartment. The detective raises his gun...
...but the lady winds up with his weapon...
...and the detective winds up unconscious!
When he comes to, he thinks the woman helped Neeley escape and starts to panic. But, the porter tells him not to worry...
...because the lady really is a reporter and Neeley is still on the train:
Now the detective can relax:
JK, as always, is wonderful (and wonderfully handsome) in "Safe Journey". In a role reversal, he would later play the prisoner on a different train, in the Maverick episode "The Third Rider", when Bart is falsely accused of being a bank robber.
Now, here's the clip I told you about:
Please stay tuned for more journeys with JK in TDS! :)

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Quoteth Pappy... :)

Happy Pappy's Day!
To celebrate our dads, here are some sayings from Beauregard "Pappy" Maverick which were compiled in a television magazine many, many moons ago:
Bret and Bart Maverick are mavericks because of one man--Beauregard Maverick, their pappy.
As a public service, to explain how Bret (James Garner) and Bart (Jack Kelly) got that way, here are philosophical remarks they learned at Beau's knee:
As my pappy used to say, there is no limit to the depths a man will soar for love.'
My old pappy always told me: 'Son, it's not how fast you draw that counts, but what you draw when you draw.'
My old pappy always told me, 'Son, it isn't how you play the game, it's whether you win or lose.'
As our dear old pappy used to say, 'If at first you don't succeed--try something else.'"
So, what's your favorite saying from Maverick's pappy--or from your own pappy? :)  


Monday, June 12, 2017

Jack Kelly: It Could Be Nurse :)

"Hey, Red, watch it with that needle!" Jack Kelly (as "Kerrigan") seems to be saying on this vintage 
French-language lobby card for To Hell And Back, while Audie Murphy (as himself) grins from his hospital bed.
If you'll notice, JK has a bandaged hand in this scene. Ironically, he would also have a bandaged hand at the film's premiere after suffering a burn at a barbecue!   
Well, stay safe and have a marvelous Monday. And, please stay tuned for more fun with JK and TDS! :)

Saturday, June 10, 2017


Adam West
Adam West appeared with Jack Kelly in the Maverick episodes "A Fellow's Brother" and "Pappy" (shown above), and in the Batman episodes "Hot Off the Griddle"/"The Cat and the Fiddle". Rest in peace, Mr. West.

Monday, May 29, 2017

Memorial Day 2017: All Gave Some...

Image courtesy Google Images
Original UK FOH (Front of House) Lobby Card for To Hell And Back (1955)

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Kelly On "Call"! :)


Sometimes I find Kellectibles, and sometimes they find me. The latter was the case when I serendipitously stumbled upon a stash of vintage original Warner Bros. TV call sheets--including two for Maverick! Naturally, they quickly joined the Kellection.

A call sheet is a document (often prepared by an assistant director) that's distributed to the cast and crew of  a TV or film production. It lists call (start) times, personnel, locations, etc., needed for the next day's shooting. Vintage call sheets can provide a wealth of information for fans, researchers and Kellectors.

I'd seen call sheets for Maverick before, but this group of documents is extra special because they're all for one very busy day (Thursday, October 13, 1960) and they're for nearly every TV series being produced on the Warner lot at the time. Besides Maverick, there are call sheets for Cheyenne, Bronco, Lawman, 77 Sunset Strip, Surfside 6, The Roaring 20's, and Hawaiian Eye (nope, not filmed in Hawaii ;>). TV commercials were also being filmed and cartoons were having dialogue recorded.

The Maverick episode Jack Kelly was filming was "Dodge City Or Bust":

As you can see, JK had a 6:30 am PT make-up call. His poor co-star, Diana Millay, had to come in an hour earlier, probably for hair styling. In addition to his crack-of-dawn call time, JK had to deal with another issue during this episode. He'd broken his hand prior to filming and had to wear a cast, which was removed so he could film his scenes and then replaced. Youch!

The episode's filming locations are at the top of the sheet below (also shown are locations for Hawaiian Eye). All the locations are on the Warner lot:

 Sadly, the famous Warner western street set (also known as "Laramie Street") was razed in 2003 and replaced by a row of residential-fronted buildings which can be used as both production offices and sets.

Here are a couple of vintage stills from "Dodge City or Bust", which originally aired on December 11, 1960. The info on the back of the first still says: "ON THE RUN -- Bart Maverick (Jack Kelly) helps a lovely girl named Diana (Diana Millay) escape from a posse when both are falsely accused of bank-robbery and murder in 'Dodge City or Bust', the latest episode of Maverick. The Warner Bros. drama airs Sunday, Dec. 11, on the ABC-TV network."

"Dodge City or Bust" was rerun on June 11, 1961, according to the info on the back of the next still: "WANTED -- Jack Kelly and beauteous Diana Millay rehearse a scene for a Warner Bros. Maverick episode in which they find themselves linked both romantically and on the sheriff's wanted list for bank robbery and murder. Titled 'Dodge City or Bust', the segment runs Sunday, June 11, on the ABC-TV network."

The second Maverick episode being filmed on 10/13/60 was "Bolt From the Blue", starring Roger Moore as Beau Maverick. Note the director: Robert Altman, who also wrote the episode and, of course, went on to direct big-screen classics such as M*A*S*H and Nashville. RM had a 7:30 am PT make-up call. If you recall from an earlier TDS post, he had some interesting memories of filming Maverick.

Speaking of memories, ME-TV will remember Sir Roger Moore with a special showing of his Maverick episode "The Town That Wasn't There" later today (Saturday, May 27) at 10:00 ET. Be sure to check your local listings for correct channel and time.

And, be sure to come back and visit TDS--you just never know what other Kellectibles I've found...or have found me. :)