Friday, March 17, 2017

Jack and Sally Together Again! :)

Happy Saint Patrick's Day Everyone!

In honor of St. Paddy's day, TDS presents another bit of ephemera from Jack Kelly's 1952 film, Sally and Saint Anne, a comedy about the O'Moynes, a wacky but loveable Irish-American family:

This rare window card isn't in the best shape. It's browned and faded with age (it's 65 years old). It's also badly creased in spots. And poor Grandpa O'Moyne  (Edmund Gwenn) has a hole in his nightshirt! But, the graphics are still colorful and, of course, JK is up there in the family portrait.

Below is a close-up of JK as muddling magician "Mike O'Moyne" beside his mother (played by Frances "Aunt Bee" Bavier, complete with rolling pin):

Much more about Sally can be found here and here.

And, radio station WJCU is again streaming 18 hours of authentic Irish music, starting at 6:00 am ET this morning (3/17) and ending at midnight. The link to listen is here. Enjoy!

Please stay tuned for more movie memories with JK and TDS.

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Saturday, March 11, 2017

Remember... watch Jack Kelly as Bart Maverick in "The Jeweled Gun", today's episode of Maverick on ME-TV (scheduled for 10:00 AM ET; check your local listings for correct time/channel in your area).

"Hand over the remote, Bart--it's time to
watch Maverick with me, on ME-TV!"
And remember to "spring forward" at 2:00 AM this Sunday, 3/12!

Saturday, March 4, 2017

JK Saturday Night Noir: "Double Jeopardy"

Hello Everyone!

I just found a great Jack Kelly flick on YouTube--1955's Double Jeopardy:

This neat little noir could also be titled "Double Cross", because that's what some of the characters do to each other, including slick used car salesman "Jeff Calder" (JK) and his scheming girlfriend "Marge Baggott" (Gale Robbins), who, in their first scene, are unaware they're being observed by Marge's drunken husband, "Sam" (Robert Armstrong).

Sam is blackmailing a former business partner. After Marge shows Calder some of the money, he decides he wants a piece of the action:

Marge convinces Sam to squeeze more money out of his victim so (unbeknownst to Sam) she and Jeff can run off to Mexico. But, unbeknownst to Marge, Jeff actually has other plans. He trails Sam to the blackmail site:

Sam's blackmail gravy train suddenly derails and he ends up empty-handed. Jeff doesn't know this and tries to shake Sam down:

Things go downhill--literally--from there:

Soon, Calder is visited by the blackmail victim's attorney (Rod Cameron), who questions him about Sam and Marge while his unhappy boss "Happy Harry" (Dick Elliott) looks on:

As the noose tightens around Calder and Marge, he assures her that everything will be okay:

But, maybe not for her, it turns out:

I won't give away the ending, but I will say that JK is excellent as the double-crossing Calder in Double Jeopardy.

Thursday, March 2, 2017

"Give The Boots The Stars Wear"--THE SEQUEL! :)


Remember those 1950's Acme boot ads I wrote about in December 2016? Well, an authentic pair of Acme's "Maverick" boots just joined the Kellection, so step right up for a first-hand look at this fantabulous footwear!

I won't be wearing them, however. They're toddler-sized. But, they're the perfect size for displaying and they're extra cute, to boot. ;)

To give you an idea of their height (and to work Bart and Bret into this post), I've posed the boots with a Maverick promo playing card. I'm fascinated by the boots' detailed stitching, too:  

Note the gambling motif at the top of the boots. I "bet" the lucky tot who wore them was an "ace" at card games (most likely 52 pickup):

Finally, they have an official Warner Bros. Maverick stamp on the sole:

What's coming up next in TDS as we march into March? Please stay tuned and find out! :)

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

What Makes A Maverick A "Maverick"?


I was going through some of the magazines in the Kellection and found this 1959 issue of TV Prevue. Inside are the TV listings for the Chicago Sun-Times newspaper. Outside is a smilin' cover portrait of the Maverick Brothers! (I love Bart's colorful vest.)

The cover story reveals "Why Those Maverick Boys Never Change". Although Maverick had many different writers, the boys "stay in character--humorous, sardonic and unheroic", because of a mimeographed sheet of guidelines for the characters. The article lists the guidelines:

And, guess what? I have a copy of that original sheet of guidelines, which were authored by Roy Huggins, the creator and producer of Maverick. They're also aimed at the show's directors. BTW, these guidelines were part of a cache of documents I purchased many years ago which relate to the production of Maverick. I'll share more of these documents in the future.

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Don't Forget... watch Jack Kelly make his "explosive" debut as Bart Maverick  in "Hostage!" on Maverick at 10:00 am ET today on ME-TV (check your local listings for correct time/channel for your area).

And, don't forget to come back to TDS. You'll get a "kick" out of the next post!

Sunday, February 19, 2017

JK's Sunday Sermonette :)


A very special Jack Kelly performance has found its way into the Kellection. It's in an episode of Jane Wyman Presents The Fireside Theatre titled "Kirsti". It originally aired on Valentine's Day in 1956.

I made some screencaps, but unfortunately the copy I have of "Kirsti" isn't the greatest, picture-wise. But, I hope you'll enjoy them nonetheless. :)

JK portrays a young pastor (not a "parson", he insists) named "Rayburn Stone". Pastor Stone has just returned to his New England town with "Kirsti", his winsome Norwegian-born bride.
She's always quoting her "Papa" (hmm, I wonder if she has some American relatives named Maverick?)

 Kirsti can't wait to hear Rayburn preach, until he explains that he's only an assistant pastor who doesn't usually deliver the sermons in his church.

 That's the job of "Dr. Cutler" (Charles Coburn), the senior pastor. Rayburn takes care of more mundane tasks such as typing Dr. Cutler's messages. However, he also writes a few of his own messages, just in case he needs to fill in for Dr. Cutler some day.

After reading one of Rayburn's sermons, Kirsti thinks it deserves to be heard.

And, it looks like it will be, since Dr. Cutler has come down with a bad cold and has asked Rayburn to spell him in the pulpit.

But, then Dr. Cutler starts to feel better. He decides to preach after all and asks Rayburn to type his sermon. 

The next day, Dr. Cutler prepares to preach a recycled sermon full of  hellfire and brimstone. However, it seems someone has pulled the old switcheroo with his notes, and Dr. Cutler ends up sharing Rayburn's gentler message instead. This leads to a big change in the church, but not as big as the change the Stones will soon be dealing with at home.

JK is delightful as Rayburn. And, Jane Wyman is so loveable as Kirsti, it's hard to believe this is the same woman who played nasty "Angela Channing" in the 1980's prime-time soap Falcon Crest. But, that just shows what a fine actress Ms. Wyman was.

Just about a month after "Kirsti" aired, JK and JW co-starred in another Fireside Theatre presentation titled "Scent of Roses". And, in a April 1956 newspaper article, Ms. Wyman mentioned JK as one of several talented young Fireside Theatre co-stars in whom she took pride (others included tough guy Neville Brand and actress Betty Lynn, who later appeared as "Thelma Lou" in The Andy Griffith Show).

Naturally, after I purchased a copy of "Kirsti", I discovered this charming episode had been uploaded to YouTube some time ago (it looks like whoever put it there used the same grainy copy). So, enjoy this wonderful JK performance and have a super Sunday. :)