Monday, April 8, 2019

More "Mavertising" :)


In a few past posts in TDS, I've looked at some of the companies which sponsored Maverick during its original US network run, such as the Ideal Toy Corporation and Peter Paul.

I just stumbled upon yet another Maverick sponsor--The Keystone Camera Company. Not only did Keystone advertise on Maverick, they used a pic of Jack Kelly as Bart Maverick on the back of the playing card shown below to promote their sponsorship:

 According to Sponsor magazine, Keystone advertised on Maverick and other series such as Adventures In Paradise in the months leading up to Christmas in 1961. Their prime-time campaign was Keystone's first foray into network advertising and targeted 125 major TV markets. 

Keystone joined Ideal, Peter Paul, Maytag, Brillo and Schick in sponsoring Maverick  during the Fall of 1961. Of course, the primary sponsor of Maverick remained Kaiser Industries, which plugged its aluminum and Jeep products throughout the show's run.

What's next in TDS? Please stay tuned and find out! :)