Saturday, August 15, 2009

JK on Screen - "And Starring ??? As Jack Kelly"

There's been some fun discussion on the JK Facebook page about who might be able to play Jack Kelly if a movie was made about his life.

I gave the matter some thought, and my choice is:

No one.

Because, like all true stars, JK is an original and can't be duplicated. :)

And, they just don't make guys like Jack Kelly anymore. No modern actor could do him justice. :(

However, if it was announced tomorrow that Jack Kelly's life story was about to go before the cameras and someone had to play him, I would choose:

Ashton Kutcher. :0

I know, I know...that doesn't seem like a likely choice. One day, though, I stumbled upon What Happens in Vegas starring AK while channel surfing. I was surprised because it was better than I thought it would be. I was also surprised to notice that Mr. Kutcher reminded me of Mr. Kelly in certain ways.

I'm not saying there's a spot-on likeness, but there are similiarities in their smiles and especially in their eyes. And, Ashton Kutcher can play straight roles as well as convey the same kind of sweet silliness that JK sometimes displayed as Bart Maverick.

Maybe it's just me. Oh well, here are some photos where JK and AK kind of look like each other:

Actually, I prefer factual documentaries to scripted biopics. For instance, I was very disappointed in Walk the Line. I thought Joaquin Phoenix captured Johnny Cash's mannerisms, but not the man himself. I'd have much rather watched actual footage of Cash.

Therefore, I'd love to see a documentary made about Jack Kelly's life. Too bad the Biography Channel shows almost everything but biographies these days...that would be a great place for a JK documentary. Or, maybe Turner Classic Movies.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Kelly Kollection - From the Telly to the Cinema

Although my interest in Jack Kelly dates back only a few months, one corner of my desk is already precariously piled with JK kollectibles. (Don't panic - I'm going to find a proper place for them.)

One of the items I've found is a set of British lobby cards advertising a film called Ellie. Now, if you glance at any of Jack Kelly's filmographies, you probably won't find a movie by that title. I didn't. But, the info on the lobby cards made me wonder if this was originally a TV production. Sure enough, Ellie is actually an episode of JK's short lived Kings Row series that was released as a feature film in English cinemas. I did some sleuthing, and the plot involved a fearful older lady who keeps her daughter near by pretending to be ill and broke.

It's doubtful that Ellie will be appearing on a TV screen or theatre near you any time soon, but here's a look at how Jack Kelly appeared in the episode as psychiatrist "Parris Mitchell":

I'm wondering about this picture -- is she trying to figure out if he likes butter?

This one is my favorite.

I think JK looks very Humphrey Bogart-ish here.

Smilin' Jack!

The Kelly Pages: A Maverick's Life Story!

I recently received a very nice e-mail from Linda J. Alexander. Linda is an accomplished author and a long-time Jack Kelly fan. Combine these two facts, and you get A Maverick Life - The Jack Kelly Story, the biography Linda is currently researching and writing. This eagerly anticipated book is slated for publication by BearManor Media in 2010. In the meantime, you can follow the book's progress and communicate with other JK fans on Linda's Facebook page. Plus, here's a press release about the book.

Thank you, Linda! :)