Friday, May 13, 2016

Freaky Friday! :)

Hello Everyone!

Since it's Friday the 13th, I thought I'd spotlight a couple of items from one of JK's freakiest films, Cult of the Cobra. In this 1955 horror classic, JK is one of a group of GI's who unwisely intrude on a snake cult's secret ceremony while overseas. After the soldiers return stateside, they encounter a mysterious young woman played by Faith Domergue...and begin dropping like flies.

In this still, Carl Turner (JK) is enchanted by the alluring Lisa Moya (FD):

However, when Carl sees the real Lisa, she scares the Brylcreem right out of his hair (that's JK in the upper right corner of this vintage Mexican lobby card):

The drawing in the lower right corner illustrates Carl's unlucky fate.

Well, I'm sure your Friday the 13th will be much luckier than Carl's. Just avoid black cats, broken mirrors and, above all, women with a certain snake-like charm! ;)

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Remembering Rick Nelson

In honor of Rick Nelson's birth anniversary (May 8, 1940), here's a still of him with Jack Kelly (as his dad) from the 1965 film Love and Kisses.  That's Madelyn Himes (center) as his mom and Kristin Nelson at right, as his reel-life (and real life!) wife.
I've always liked Rick Nelson's music, especially
his song Garden Party:
 Love and Kisses used to be on YouTube in its entirety, but doesn't seem to be there anymore. So, we'll have to settle for just the theme song for now:

Happy Mother's Day From "TDS"! :)

Vintage Clip Art Courtesy All Things Clipart