Saturday, January 8, 2011

Jack Kelly: Dutch Treat! :)

Hello Everyone!

Hmm--what's this? Oh, a Maverick comic book! :->

Wait a minute. The familiar title lettering is there, but the cover has a drawing instead of a photo.

And, what's that wording at the bottom--"Dieven in de Nacht"? "De Laars"?

Yes, this Maverick comic is different--because it's in Dutch.

"Dieven in de Nacht" ("Thieves in the Night") and "De Laars" ("The Boot") are titles of two of the stories inside.

On the reverse of the front cover, there's a page titled, "Hier komen de gebroeders Maverick"--"Here come the Maverick brothers". Roughly translated (courtesy of Google Language Tools), it reads: "Bret and Bart are the names of these two famous sharpshooters. Their home is the wide west, sometimes in the saloon or on their faithful mounts. American television gave them fame. They enjoy an even greater popularity than the Cartwright brothers. [B27 - !]. In other countries, their fame is rapidly emerging."

Of course, the best thing about this page is the gorgeous portrait of Bart Maverick:

The rough translation is: "Jack Kelly plays Bart Maverick. Jack started in film early. At the age of two months he modeled for baby soap ads. He studied law, and returned yet again to film. Bart Maverick is just as popular as his brother Bret. Terror and blackmail have no chance when Bart Maverick is in the neighborhood..."

It's true: Maverick is een legende van het westen--Maverick is a legend of the west--even in Holland! :)