Saturday, September 16, 2017

A "Gem" of a Birthday :)

"Yay! It's Saturday! Nothing to do but kick back, eat a little hay and watch some Mr. Ed reruns. But, I have a funny feeling I'm forgetting something..."
"Yikes--it's my old buddy Jack's birthday! How could I forget such an important day? I gotta bake him a cake, but I'm out of carrots! I know: I'll run over to the General's store!"
"Hey General, I need some carrots!"
"Great horny toads--a talkin' hoss! Sorry, I'm fresh out of carrots. I'm expectin' a shipment any day now...probably Wednesday."
"Whoa--I really need them today. But, thanks anyway, General."
"I remember a friend of Jack's talking about carrots. I'll gallop over to her house--maybe she can help me."
"Pardon me, Countess, but would you have any carrots?"
"But of course, Goldie--I have many carats!"
"Those are the strangest looking carrots I've ever seen, but they'll have to do. Merci, Countess!"
 "Now, to hurry home and bake that cake!"
"Happy Birthday, Jack!"
 "Why, thank you, Goldie! As usual, the cake is delicious, but it's kind of crunchy. Did you add something different this year?"
"Er, um...walnuts!"
"Are they Diamond walnuts?"
"Uh, you might say that."
"I think I just broke a tooth."
"Broken tooth? I'm your huckleberry!"
"Hey, that's my line!"
"Wow, what a crazy dream! Goldie forgot it was my birthday, and ran out of carrots and baked my cake with diamonds, and then Doc Holliday and a blue dog showed up--it was a real nightmare. Hee hee: a night mare."
 "I'd never forget your birthday, Jack--but I'd like to forget that joke." 
Happy 90th Birthday, JK, from
La Bartista & TDS! :)