Friday, May 3, 2019

The Maverick Brothers Tell All...

...about each other! :)

Here's Jack Kelly and James Garner in a fabulous photo on the cover of "TV Radio Life", which is dated May 10-16, 1958 (almost exactly 61 years ago):

Inside is a fun two-part article about JK and JG. Each part is hilariously "as told to" about one Maverick brother by the other; that is, JG spills the beans about JK, and vice versa, like so:

Please stay tuned for more fun with brother Bart and his brother in "TDS". :)

Sunday, April 28, 2019

Jack Kelly Japanese Style :)


We've seen Jack Kelly featured in Japanese magazines here, here and here in TDS.

Now, let's have a look at JK (and James Garner & Robert Colbert) from the pages of yet another Japanese periodical. Nearly all of this 1961 magazine was devoted to the Old West and to US TV westerns such as Gunsmoke, Bonanza, Bronco, Rawhide and of course Maverick

As we say sayonara to today's post, please stay tuned for more fun with JK from the pages of the past, including a 1950's scrapbook all the way from the UK and a couple of other interesting books recently added to the Kellection. :)