Wednesday, July 1, 2015

"Plumbing" The Depths of the Kellection! :)


Have you ever looked for one thing and ended up finding another?

I can't tell you how many times I've started to look for something--either online or offline--and then gotten distracted by something else I discover. For example, I was combing through the Kellection for research material for upcoming TDS posts when I found a pair of negatives in a protective sleeve.

I held the negatives up to the light and instantly remembered them. I had purchased them some time ago but put them aside because my aging scanner didn't do negatives. However, I have a new scanner now and am positively thrilled to be able to share these "before he was Bart" images of Jack Kelly with you. (Aren't you glad I got distracted?)

JK seems to be in a real "fix" here! This is a scene from "Just Across the Street", an episode of Lux Video Theatre which originally aired on January 10, 1957. The plot: To help support her father (Cecil Kellaway), a young woman (Julie Adams) pretends to be a socialite and gets a job as a plumber's helper. Actually, I don't know how much help she can be in that dress and those heels--maybe she can borrow some coveralls from Josephine the Plumber! And, maybe JK (who plays a character named "Fred Newcombe") should just call Roto-Rooter before he hurts himself.  :)

Here's another cute scene from "Just Across the Street". That's the sprightly Mr. Kellaway photobombing JK!

Julie Adams would meet up again with Jack Kelly in two episodes of Maverick ("The White Widow" and "The Brasada Spur"). Her husband at the time, Ray Danton, would also star opposite JK in Maverick (the episode "State of Siege") and in the feature films A Fever in the Blood and FBI Code 98. Ms. Adams is still active today.

More info: According to TV Guide, "Just Across the Street" was broadcast in color (although few viewers had color sets at the time) and was based on a 1952 film with the same title starring Ann Sheridan and John Lund. Cecil Kellaway also played the father in that version.

Hmm...I wonder if this show will ever be available on DVD? I wonder what else neato I can find in the Kellection? Oh-oh! Getting distracted again...better get back to work! :)