Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Kelly Pages: Additions to the Kellection! :)


Home at last.

I had a wonderful time visiting with my relatives for Thanksgiving. I also got to visit an antiques mall and the antiques show. And--ta da!--I did find some Jack Kelly-related goodies for the Kellection. :)

First, on Friday, I stopped at an antiques mall that is a genuine antique. Located in a rustic converted warehouse, it's complete with creaking wood floors and the aroma of old books. It's the kind of place where people browse the shelves with their dogs in tow and no one raises an eyebrow. And, where the proprietor "rings" up orders on a battered adding machine.

I scoured the building (no, not with Ajax ;->), and, alas, was about to leave empty-handed. Then, I turned a corner and spied a rack full of magazines. Some of them were movie magazines from the early 1960's. I grabbed all that I could find.

I'm glad I did, because one of them was the TV Star Annual for 1960, and it turned out to have this inside:

If the blurb isn't clear, here's what it says:

"ABC's Bart Maverick, now 33, 6'1", 180 pounds, was a child stage actor, hit films in '50. He'd planned to be slow to marry and stalled when pal tried to throw him at May Wynn. She, disliking actors, stalled too. But four years ago they dated--wed in six weeks! Both rein in Irish tempers, love cooking. They have song-dance act to tour rodeos; will co-star and produce Trouble with Paradise."

Of course, JK really hit films back in the 1930's as a kid actor, and then hit them again as an adult. Also, I don't think Trouble with Paradise came to fruition. I'm not sure about the song-dance act. Maybe they performed it at the rodeo where Jack was grand-marshal? So many questions from one little paragraph!

Next time, I'll regale you with the tale of my adventure at the antiques show and the JK items I found there. :)

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving! :)


I'll be heading off to visit relatives for Thanksgiving, and I just wanted to wish everyone in JK fan-land a blessed and safe holiday.

I hope to visit a couple of antiques malls on Friday, or maybe just wait until Saturday, when a huge antiques show is taking place in the vicinity. In either case, maybe I'll find some new stuff for the Kellection. I'll let you know! :)

Monday, November 23, 2009

The Civic Jack Kelly


Would you vote for this man?


So, here's your ballot:

Now, you may be asking, "Where did she get that?"

Well, I'll tell you--but don't blame me if you're late for work tomorrow. Because, I guarantee, you'll be spending the next few hours (or maybe even days) poring over PDFs of actual documents from Jack Kelly's tenure as City Councilman and Mayor in Huntington Beach, CA.

Here's how to see them:

Go to this website and type in Jack Kelly (without quotation marks).

If that link doesn't work for some reason, here's the main link for the City of Huntington Beach's official website. On the home page for the site, scroll down to the "Public Records Search" button.

There's loads of other interesting stuff on this website, including a centennial video. I skimmed through the video (it's nearly an hour long) and didn't see anything about JK, but I could have missed something. I'll watch it again when I have more time.

Happy reading! :)