Friday, December 9, 2011

Viva Maverick! :)


A 1965 Chilean TV Guia (TV Guide) recently joined the Kellection, and I discovered that some familiar program titles are a bit different in Spanish. For example, Gunsmoke is La Ley Del Revolver. Bewitched is La Hechizada. The Addams Family is Los Locos Adams. Other titles are a little easier to guess, like El Santo (The Saint), Ruta 66 (Route 66), and Show de Dick Van Dyke (you know).

And, some titles are exactly the same in the TV Guia as they are in the TV Guide, such as Bonanza, Jonny Quest--and Maverick:

This colorful "poster" that's inside the TV Guia shows JK and his lovely co-star Kathleen Crowley in a tender moment (either that, or they're arm wrestling ;>). However, the description for Maverick in the program section mentions only "el actor magnifico James Garner"! (Hey, Linda: you need to get A Maverick Life translated into Spanish, pronto!) :)