Saturday, September 3, 2016

JK: Close And A Cigar :)


Two more vintage photos recently joined the Kellection. They both happen to show Jack Kelly as Bart Maverick, and Bart happens to be smoking a cigar in each photo:

Whether in fancy duds...
...or in a buckskin jacket, Bart is smokin'! :)
Did you know that the cigars the Maverick boys smoked were the stuff of Hollywood urban legends back in the day? I didn't, until I read the following 1959 newspaper story from the Victoria (TX) Advocate:

"Maverick Stogies Show Bret, Bart Are Different

'The myths I've heard circulating about the cigars Bret and Bart Maverick smoke have given me some of my heartiest laughs.'

So says Warner Bros property man Leo Lynch. Among his many responsibilities is seeing that fresh stogies are on hand for James Garner and Jack Kelly during production of ABC-TV's competition-killing Sunday night series Maverick.

Lynch says he's heard it rumored that these so-called 'Maverick cigars' are flown in from Havana where they are made from a secret blend exclusively for Maverick.

Another tale suggests that a little old Spanish lady in downtown Los Angeles hand-rolls the smokes not only for Bret and Bart, but for Jack L. Warner and executive producer William T. Orr.

Why does Maverick smoke cigars? Producer Roy Huggins has a ready answer: 'Because none of the traditional western heroes smokes them*. This was a calculated measure to distiguish Maverick from others. The villain is the cigar smoker in most westerns. Maverick inhales stogies for the same reason he doesn't own a beautiful horse, or handle a gun well, wear buckskins**, or a badge--he's a non-conformist. The cigars serve to remind us of this fact.'

Along with serving the purpose of backing up Maverick's philosophy, the cigars have acted as valuable attention-getters and conversation pieces.

Jack Kelly likes this 'cigar' incident:

'A wealthy businessman visiting the set asked about the cigars as soon as we were introduced. He said he'd heard the studio paid three dollars each for them and asked if he might try one. Of course we obliged, but made sure the wrapper was off before giving it to him. After a few puffs, our visitor proclaimed this a most magnificent smoke and asked where he could get some. I was afraid to tell him, so I didn't.'

If Kelly won't offer an answer, try property man Lynch, who casually insists nobody ever swore him to secrecy.

'Where do we get them? At the studio commissary's smoke stand. Very popular little cigars. Big sellers. They cost a nickel each.'" :)


* I think Mr. Huggins forgot about Richard Boone's heroic Paladin, who was known to savor a cigar now and then.
**Actually, the Maverick brothers did have beautiful horses (e.g. Goldie), and, at times also handled a gun pretty well and wore buckskins (see second pic above). ;->

Friday, September 2, 2016

Retroceso Viernes! :)

That's "Flashback Friday" in Spanish...and here's another fantabulous Mexican lobby card from the Kellection, this time for Amor y Besos, better known in English as Love and Kisses, the 1965 flick starring Jack Kelly as Rick Nelson's pop. Enjoy! :)

There's lot's more about Love and Kisses here and here.

COMING ATTRACTIONS: I've been perusing the pages of the past again and have found some incredible JK stories and pictures to share with you. Please stay tuned! :)