Monday, April 12, 2010

Jack Kelly - Pause for the Cause :)


Before traveling on to today's topic, I wanted to answer all the questions I've received about yesterday's post.

JK's "spring break" photos are actually stills from "One Embezzlement and Two Margaritas", an episode of Bob Hope Presents the Chrysler Theater originally presented on May 18, 1966. JK portrayed private eye "Fred Piper" in a plot that involved high-society embezzlement. The dark-haired woman in the photos isn't me (I wish!), but actress Antoinette Bower. The blonde is Gay MacGill.

And, yes, while I'm crazy about JK, I'm not crazy enough to have a tattoo on my tummy--or to wear a bikini in public! :->

Well, here's hoping that RTV or some other nostalgic network will treat us to "...Two Margaritas". :)

Now, back to our regularly scheduled post:

Every spring, my employer devotes two weeks to raising funds for a local food pantry. One of the fund-raising activities my floor is planning is a "1950's Malt Shop". Next Monday, we're going to turn our breakroom into an "after the sock hop" hangout, complete with hamburgers, hot dogs, and spinning platters (CDs).

To publicize the malt shop, we've been papering our walls with flyers and with images of 1950's record covers and TV shows. Since I'm a committee member, I'm one of the people in charge of finding the images.

Hmmm...1950's TV show...Hey! How about Maverick? :)

So, now, I have Bart and Bret looking over my desk. I'm also surrounded by some of their friends , including"The Lone Ranger", "The Cisco Kid" and "Matt Dillon".

All the 1950's images have been so popular that now we're calling them "the gallery" and inviting folks to take a look before stopping by the malt shop.

I'm glad that people can "pause for the cause" and get a glimpse of JK and his pals, too. :->

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Jack Kelly - Spring Break With JK!

It's spring break time for JK--
and we're all
invited to join in the fun! :)
"Hola, room service? Hundreds of my amigas just arrived. Could you send up mucho Mexican food, por favor?"
"Caution: soft shoulder ahead."
"Now, honey, if you want to learn how to play tennis
you're going have to keep your eye on the ball, not on me!"
"I love that tattoo on your tummy, Bartista!"