Monday, June 6, 2011

Jack Kelly: JK "Sallys" Forth! :)

Howdy Everyone!

Now, here's a true JK rarity:

It's a still promoting an episode of Sally, a long-forgotten NBC sitcom starring perky Joan Caulfield. Ms. Caulfield, pictured center, played "Sally Truesdale", a young former salesgirl who served as traveling companion to wealthy widow "Myrtle Banford" (played by Marion Lorne, later of Bewitched fame). At least, that's what Sally did when the short-lived series started. In later episodes, she and Mrs. Banford helped run a department store after returning to the States.

This pre-Bart Maverick guest appearance doesn't appear in JK's Internet Movie Database filmography, so I don't know his character's name. The name of the episode isn't even listed in the IMDb's entry for Sally. However, the caption for the still gives us an idea of what the episode was about and reveals when it aired:"You can't blame Jack Kelly (L) or John Compton for their romantic interest in Joan Caulfield as a shipboard triangle brings amusing results on the Sunday, September 22 [1957] Sally show which will be seen at 7:30 pm, NYT, over NBC-TV. Sally stars Joan Caulfield in the title role and features Marion Lorne."

Note the timeslot: poor Sally was scheduled opposite Jack Benny's popular CBS show, and, oh, another little program that had just moseyed onto ABC: Maverick!

Anyway, Ms. Caulfield sure was lucky to get a pick-me-up from JK. But, I get a pick-me-up every time I look at him. ;-)

(Never fear, bloodhound Bartista is on the case and will try to find out more about this mysterious missing piece of the JK acting puzzle. :-).

UPDATE! (6/10/11): I found a 1957 issue of TV Guide with the credit info for JK's episode of Sally, which is titled "Sally Tries to Say 'No'". JK's character is named "Tony Rhodes". The plot: "Now traveling aboard a luxury liner, Sally and Mrs. Myrtle Banford meet a handsome young man. At first Sally dislikes him, but as the cruise progresses, she finds herself liking him more and more." (If it's JK, how could she not like him?)I also submitted the info to IMDb, so now this role will be in their credit list for JK. :-)

UPDATE! (8/27/19) - Here's a newspaper blurb announcing JK's casting in Sally (Back of Beyond is the original title of Taming Sutton's Gal):