Monday, March 17, 2014

Kelly's Green! :)

Top O' the morning to you! :)

I recently found a wonderful photo story featuring Jack Kelly and his then-wife Donna (May Wynn) in a Japanese publication from 1961. For some reason, the photos are tinted green, as are many other pictures in this particular magazine. But, that's okay, because it's Saint Patrick's Day, and the pix fit right in here at TDS.

Naturally, the text is mostly in Japanese. However, as the caption below states, these are photos of JK at home:

I've seen photos of JK playing the guitar before, but I think this is the first time I've seen Donna accompanying him on the maracas. And check out the expression on JK's face--he looks like a little kid. :)

Here's JK and DK playing with one of their poodles:

And, here's JK working some of that Bart Maverick poker magic at the kitchen card table:

Finally, we have the Kellys collaborating on a writing project (it's a little hard to see, but there's a photo of JK posed as Bart by Donna's head):
But, wait! Here's a bonus photo from the same magazine:

Yes, it's Bart in full-color, with his brother Brent (Robert Colbert) and cousin Beau (Roger Moore). Bart seems to be saying to Brent, "Can you believe they put Beau instead of me on the cover of the 4th season Maverick DVDs?" (And, Brent is probably thinking, "What's a DVD?") ;-)

Have a great St. Paddy's day! :)