Sunday, December 29, 2013

Maverick is Back! :) a big way!

After being AWOL for a while from US TV, Maverick is taking another bow on the Encore Westerns cable network. Maverick moseys back to Encore each weekday starting January 2 at 2:00 pm ET.

If you can't wait until next year for your daily Maverick fix, you can catch the show now on Cozi TV, as the channel's cute promo illustrates:

And, that's not all. Hot on the heels of the recent third season DVD release comes the fourth season of Maverick on January 7. But, who is the tall dark stranger there?

Instead of Jack Kelly as Bart, it's Roger Moore as Bart's upstart cousin, Beau Maverick.

I am shaken and definitely stirred! :0

Really, I have nothing against Roger Moore. He was great as Simon Templar and James Bond. But, his fleeting stint as Beau Maverick was hardly his finest hour. He appeared in only 15 of the fourth season's 32 episodes. So, why did Warner Archive put a solo portrait of Moore on the DVD cover?

WA probably figured that the future Bond would be a sure-fire DVD draw. Fine--but there are plenty of Maverick publicity pix they could have used which show JK and RM together, such as this one:

And, again Warner Archive is going the "manufacture on demand" route with Maverick's fourth season and charging nearly $50 for the set.

I know I should be grateful that Maverick is available on DVD at all. I'm just disgusted that Warner Archive is handling a true legend of the TV west in such a cavalier manner...and keeps neglecting one of its stars. Here's hoping they'll let Jack Kelly have the 5th season DVD cover all to himself! :)