Saturday, February 24, 2018

A Scrap of Maverick! :)


Here's a vintage newspaper ad for Maverick, which I just salvaged and digitized from an old scrapbook page. It's advertising the episode Alias Bart Maverick, starring suave Jack Kelly as...well, you know! This episode premiered on October 5, 1958, which means it--and this rare scrap of Maverick ephemera--is nearly 60 years old.

"Bart plays tag with a wily con man and four gun-happy brothers (not to mention a Southern belle named Cindy)!"
Speaking of ephemera: In this day of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, et al, and the never ending demand for eye-catching online content, it's sometimes difficult to find JK-related material that hasn't already been shared, tweeted and pinned seven ways from sundown.

However, another bit of ephemera just joined the Kellection which I think will be new to you. (It was to me!) Like the Maverick ad above, it's nearly 60 years old. It originated in a long-defunct "niche" publication and it's not only about JK it's by JK, too! It expresses his views on a subject not usually associated with him. Oh, and it has some dreamy pix, too. It's coming next in TDS...please stay "tuned"! ;>

Monday, February 19, 2018

Another Postcard Post! :)


Two more vintage Jack Kelly postcards just joined the Kellection, including one with the quintessential JK image which adorns this blog. So, I now have five of these cool cards:

These postcards were sent by the Warner Bros. fan mail department whenever folks wrote to JK. For only fifty-cents, you could also get an 8"x 10" photo (try getting one for that price now! ;>)

The reverse side of the cards features a reproduced signature and a greeting ("You are a real friend for writing!") from JK. Helpful hint: Some sellers erroneously assume the signatures on these cards are hand-written. I way overpaid for the first JK postcard I bought many years ago because I was led to believe I was purchasing a hand-signed item. Nope: the autographs shown on the front and back of these cards are pre-printed.

WB used the postmark to advertise their upcoming or current films. This one heralds A Summer Place, a 1959 melodrama starring Richard Egan, Dorothy McGuire and Sandra Dee. Postmarks on other JK cards I have advertise Auntie Mame, Sunrise at Campobello, and The Sundowners.

Yes, that's only four cards. The fifth JK postcard is "postally unused"--it has no postmark or mailing address, which means it was never sent by the fan department.

The other JK-related postcard I just received features a familiar grouping of Warner Bros. TV western stars. I've seen this pose before, but not in color like this:

Here's Clint Walker, Wayde Preston, Ty Hardin, Jack Kelly, John Russell, James Garner,
Peter Brown and Will Hutchins having a rootin' tootin' time
 on the Warner Bros. western street set
(How come JK is the shortest person on this card?!)

I think the image of Clint Walker ("Cheyenne") may have been inserted by WB into the color scene--he's usually not in other shots of this grouping I've seen, such as this one:

(BTW, this B&W photo was one of my first Kellectibles, before I actually had a Kellection! It was in a group of pix I bought at an antiques show before I "discovered" JK. :>)

The back of the color postcard has the pre-printed signatures of all the WB cowboys appearing on the front (with another pitch for A Summer Place):  

Well, I hope this post about JK postcards "sent" you. ;> Please stay tuned for more fun in TDS!